Funny Korean Movies

Friday, April 22 by Samantha Assad

Funny Korean movies will have you laughing so loud, you'll startle your neighbors. Korean comedies sometimes have unusual subject matter, like suicide and depression, but these funny Korean movies will still have you in stitches, despite the theme.

  1. "Minyeo-Nuen Goerowo" "Mineyo-Nuen Goerowo," also known as "200 Pounds Beauty," is a funny Korean movie that manages to tackle a serious subject—being overweight and depressed—in a light-handed but considerate way. Han-na (Ah-jung Kim) is an overweight singer who provides her voice for a famous, more attractive pop singer, Ah-mi (Seo-yun Ji). Sick and tired of getting no credit for her talent because of her appearance, Han-na has full body plastic surgery and disappears to recuperate. When she returns one year later with a new image, she creates a new identity for herself and pursues her dream to sing, but must deal with the people who still remember Han-na as she was.
  2. "The Mafia, The Salesman" Kye Du-sik (Lee Sung-jae) is a college graduate who is also a member of an organized crime syndicate in this funny Korean movie with an unusual plot. In the sprit of gang "globalization," Kye's mafia boss orders him to get a job at a major corporation and use his "influence" to help the gang gain footing in the corporate marketplace. Kye soon realizes this is easier said than done, as even gangsters aren't as ruthless as some corporate businessmen.
  3. "Mudori" "Mudori" is a funny movie from Korea centered on the most unlikely of subjects: suicide. A small town in the Korean province of Gangwon has its sleepy life changed forever when young visitor kills himself there. The visitor maintained a website on suicide that recommended the small town as the "perfect spot." The town's residents vote to open a small guesthouse for the flood of short term guests, but the results are anything but ordinary.
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