If you want to experience life from a different cultural perspective and broaden your horizons, here are 5 beautiful Korean movies that you must see. Laugh, cry and learn from Korean movies. You will find that once you begin to watch Korean movies you will be hooked. Korean movies are emotional, humorous and easy to relate to regardless of your cultural background. Korean movies help viewers realize that people are basically the same all around the globe and want the same things in life.

  1. "3 Iron" "3 Iron" is a beautiful Korean movie about a young, transient man who breaks into houses while the owners are away in order to have a meal and place to sleep. One day he breaks into an upscale home, not realizing that the lady of the house is home. She happens to be an abused wife and he becomes her hero and tries to help her. Now the real story begins. This is one Korean movie that you must see. It is interesting, creative and easy to relate to.

  2. "The Way Home" This beautiful Korean movie takes place in a rural village. The story focuses on a elderly grandmother who has to take care of her spoiled great-grandson for several months while his mother seeks work in the city. The grandmother is weak, ill and mute, but her love and commitment shine through as she struggles to take good care of the child and keep him happy. This movie is filled with emotion; you will laugh as much as you cry.

  3. "My Sassy Girl" This romantic comedy was a Korean box office success. It reminds everyone of their first love. It breaks the stereotype of the shy, reserved Korean lady and gives viewers a spunky, upbeat young lady who dominates the relationship. It is filled with humor, love, compassion and tugs at the heart. See this Korean movie. It will definitely brighten your day.

  4. "Treeless Mountain" "Treeless Mountain" is a beautiful Korean movie that shows the innocence and never-ending hope in the hearts of children. The story focuses on a young girl about 7 years old who must fend for herself and her younger sister after her mother leaves them in the care of an aunt. The aunt is insensitive, and somewhat uncaring. The children are simply adorable and trusting and they wait diligently for a mother who may or may not return. This is the Korean movie to see for inspiration and simple beauty.

  5. "In Between Days" This movie displays the beauty and struggles of life for a Korean teenaged girl who has immigrated to Canada. She deals with making adjustments to a new life and struggles with romantic feelings as she develops her first crush. The story is simple, soothing and interesting. This movie highlights the realities of teenaged life that all adults once experienced.

Korean movies are making their mark in the world of entertainment. The stories are always interesting, meaningful and filled with emotion. So experience something new, sit down and watch a beautiful Korean movie.