The 5 best Korean romance movies may prove to be a surprise. Let’s face it, you watch “chick flicks” for one reason. Tossing in a Korean romance will provide a little culture to your “chick flick.” You never know what a romance movie will do for you, so why not spice it up with some ethnicity.

  1. “Athena: Goddess of War” 2009: Romance and action packed adventure rolled into one. A romantic movie filled with guns and adventure is a win-win situation. Truly, this film will feed both the romance for the woman and the action for the man.

  2. “My Sassy Girl” 2001: This Korean romantic comedy is a fun and romantic tale that spans a two-year period. It is an on again off again relationship intertwined with romance and comedic misfortune.

  3. “100 days With Mr. Arrogant” 2004: Follows the trials of high school senior who dented the car of “Mr. Arrogant.” The repair bill is too high for her to pay so she becomes his slave for 100 days. It is a romantic comedy, so you can guess what happens.

  4. “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do” 1998: This is a love triangle romantic movie with a Korean flavor. Follows two boys who are desperately in love with one girl and the trials she must endure to find the one she truly loves. Great for your gal pal but much of the same in the way of romance movies, seems the plots are international.

  5. A Millionaires First Love” 2006:Follows an arrogant and good-looking millionaire (aren’t they all in the movies?). He falls in love for the first time, enamored with a young beauty. He set himself aside for his first love and let’s himself go to her. Spoiler alert (you don’t really care do you?), she of course dies making it a tragic love story.