These 5 best Korean movie sex scenes will have you viewing the Korean film industry in an entirely new light. Not all Koreans are the demure, traditional, and religious goody-goodies that you imagine. These near pornographic scenes will turn you on like never before. 

  1. “Yellow Hair.” Controversial and ultimately edited and censored, the hot scenes and insinuations that remain in this movie are still undeniably hot enough to get you hard. The film stars Lee Jae-Eun, a former child actress in South Korea. She’s all grown up in this movie where she plays an independent and strong bisexual female character. For her gripping performance, Lee Jae-Eun won two awards naming her as Best New Actress.

  2. “My Wife Is a Gangster.” As the title implies, this flick follows the life of a female gang boss, played by Shin Eun-Kyung. Her strong-willed and dominant character is ultra sexy when she forces her gentle husband into sex over and over again. In the end, she’ll always get what she wants both in and out of bed.

  3. “Love Exposure.” Fans of “Sex and the City” will vibe with this Korean cinematic take on the comedic sitcom. The female-centered movie explores the theme of modern relationships and what we all can learn from them through the eyes of two best friends who candidly share their thoughts regarding sex. You’ll especially want to check out Lee Mi-Yeon’s sex scenes because she’s convinced herself that sex is what she needs to make her young again.

  4. “A Love.” Don’t let the title fool you because this movie isn’t a light-hearted romance; it’s actually filled with action and drama. Ju Jin-Mo plays a good guy who is sent to prison in the name of defending and protecting a girl he loves. There’s a steamy sex scene between the main character and his love interest when they’re reunited. Their forbidden relationship has consequences so be sure to ride the suspense of the rest of the film.

  5. “The Moonlight of Seoul.” Exploring the underground lifestyle at a Korean host bar, the audience follows the main character, played by Yun Gye-Sang, as he maneuvers through this new world. His job as a host is borderline male prostitution, serving and entertaining the female patrons. A steamy sex scene ensues when he gets in too deep with one of his customers, played by Yoon Jin-Seo.