The five best Korean drama movies portray the difficulty many find in loving themselves, another person, or of an individual’s struggle to find their way in the world. The dramatic elements in these movies makes the character’s emotions realistic and, sometimes, gut-wrenching.  

  1. "A Frozen Flower." With the tumult of Korean-Chinese relations at the Goryeo era, this movie follows the King and Queen as they struggle to maintain control over a struggling nation. Producing a heir seems unlikely for the royal couple, and so the King requests that one of his trusted men help his wife conceive. The results of the ensuing love triangle are far-reaching and devastating. “A Frozen Flower” is one of the best Korean dramas of all time.

  2. "Hwang Jin Yi." Courtesan Jin Yi is famous for her beauty and talent, but very few known the price she paid to obtain her current position. The film follows Jin Yi as she discovers the truth about her past and chooses the life of courtesan for her future. Her choice, though, may just destroy her chance at true love. For its depiction of love, loss and desire, “Hwang Jin Yi” is a great Korean drama film.

  3. "The King and the Clown." After performing an act that mocked the King, Jang-sang and Gong-gil are forced to perform the act for the King. If he laughs, they’ll live, while no laughter means certain death. The love between the two male characters is what keeps them alive as they struggle to survive inside the palace when it seems that more than just their bodies are on the line. The drama and unusual subjects in “The King and the Clown” make it one of the best Korean dramas.

  4. "A Moment to Remember." This movie addresses the question of what makes an individual who they are.  Kim Su-Jin finds love after being jilted, but must then deal with being diagnosed with Alzheimers. The movie focuses on the love that binds two people together even when one cannot remember the reason for those bindings. “A Moment to Remember” is extremely touching, making it one of the best Korean movies of all time.

  5. "A Little Pond." This movie took years to finally be released, but that didn't make it a poor film. The movie focuses on the American massacre of natives in a small town during the Korean War. Following the entire town as it faces the need to evacuate, actually evacuates and then discovers their fate, "A Little Pond" is a great Korean movie.