If you and your girl enjoy watching foreign movies on date nights, here are ten romantic Korean movies to consider. Most are romantic comedies that are soft, simple, and unique. Many Korean movies have English subtitles, and you can rent them online from Korean movie rental sites. Just type the phrase “Korean movie rentals” in the search bar of your favorite internet browser. In order of release date, here are ten romantic Korean movies to choose from.

  1. “Il Mare.” “Il Mare” is a 2000 South Korean movie starring Gianna Jun and Jung-Jae Lee. “Il Mare” (“The Sea” in Italian) is the name of a seaside house, the setting for this fantasy-romance. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves starred in a 2006 remake, “The Lake House.”

  2. “My Sassy Girl.” “My Sassy Girl,” also known as “That Bizarre Girl,” is a 2001 South Korean romantic comedy. It is based on a true story originally told in a series of blog posts and later adapted into a novel. The movie stars Tae-hyun Cha and Jin-hie Han.

  3. “Lover’s Concerto.” “Lover’s Concerto” is an emotional romantic drama about love, jealousy, and friendship. This 2002 South Korean movie stars Tae-hyan Cha, Ye-jin Son, and Eun-ju Lee.

  4. “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…And Spring.” “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…And Spring” is a 2003 South Korean movie. It centers on a Buddhist monk who lives in a small floating temple on a lake. Viewers relive the seasons of his life as the movie unfolds. The movie features Ki-duk Kim, Yeong-su Oh, and Jong-ho Kim.

  5. “My Little Bride.” “My Little Bride” is a 2004 Korean romantic comedy starring Rae-won Kim, Geun-Young Moon, and Sun-yeong Ahn. The funny movie tells the story of an arranged marriage between a teacher and his student, designed on a pact their grandfathers made during the Korean war.

  6. “Windstruck.” “Windstruck” is a heart-warming romantic movie starring Gianna Jun and Hyuk Jang. The 2004 Korean movie revolves around a police officer, a school teacher, and an incident that will change their lives forever.

  7. “100 Days With Mr. Arrogant.” “100 Days With Mr. Arrogant” is a 2004 South Korean romantic comedy. The story focuses on a young woman whose boyfriend dumps her on the 100th day of their relationship. Jae-won Kim, Ji-won Ha, and Tae-hyeon Kim star in this silly, romantic Korean movie.

  8. “Rules Of Dating.” “Rules Of Dating” is a South Korean comedy-romance movie. The 2005 movie is funny, flirty, and blunt with plenty of twists and turns. Hae-il Park, Yeong-gi Jeong, and Hye-jeong Kang star in this romantic Korean movie.

  9. “Almost Love.” “Almost Love” is a 2006 South Korean movie about a special friendship that builds over the years. The movie starts out with some slapstick humor, but it ends on a more serious note. The movie features Jong-ryol Choi, Mi-ne Jang, and Gyu-su Jeong.

  10. “Daisy.” “Daisy” is a 2006 romantic Korean movie starring Gianna Jun, Woo-sung Jung, and Sung-jae Lee. The plot involves a detective and a killer who fall in love with the same women.

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