There are 10 sexy Korean movies that you must see if you want to be fully immersed in Korean entertainment culture. Sometimes it is good to take break form the typical American movie and explore other cultures. One of the best ways to do this is by watching some of the most popular sexy Korean movies. There are 10 movies that you must see in order to start your movie adventure.

  1. "Prosecutor Princess" This movie is about a beautiful woman whose intelligence allows her to pass the bar exam. He days don't get easier due to her great fashion since and her battle to be taken seriously.

  2. "" This movie features a young girl who battles a disease but is determined to find her first love. She begins to have feelings for her neighbor in the midst of turmoil.

  3. "Spring Bears Love" This is the story of a girl who has been dumped by all of her boyfriends because of her personality. One day she finds a mysterious letter in a book, and her quest to find out its author leads her to love.

  4. "S Diary" This story of a young girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend because he was only interested in sex evolves into a a woman's quest to determine her worth.

  5. "Spy Girl" A spy from North Korea catches the eye of a lonely fast food worker and he posts her picture online. This threatens to blow her cover so she begins a quest to find him.

  6. "Single Princess and Blind Dates" A pretty woman begins to plan her dream wedding. With only a few days left, her boyfriend suddenly sumps her. She begins a quest to find a new groom.

  7. "2 Faces of my Girlfriend" A lonely boy who has never been kissed finds the purse of a beautiful young women. He begins to fall in love with her only to find out she has a personality disorder. Will his love overshadow this?

  8. "Addicted" Tw brothers both are injured in a car race and one dies. The living brother begins to posses all of the qualities of the dead brother, including the love of the brother's wife. Will they take their love to a new level?

  9. "Almost Love" Friends for almost thirteen years, a couple of teens begin to realize their love for each other when they begin to get older. Will the threat of new relationships stop their feelings?

  10. "Cheaters" A self proclaimed Casanova falls in love with a seemingly timid woman, but it turns out she is in a relationship.