If you're interested in Asian cinema, check out this list of 10 good Korean movies that came out in 2010. The list includes thrillers, drama, comedy, romance, and more. Read on to find out more about 10 good 2010 Korean movies:

  1. "Cyrano Agency." This Korean comedy is the story of a dating agency who helps shy people that find it hard to meet friends of the opposite sex. If you're in the mood for a fun, romantic movie, check out "Cyrano Agency."

  2. "Parallel Life." An edgy Korean thriller, parallel life is the story of Korean's youngest criminal court judge. The man's life turns upside-down when, after a strange phone call, his wife is murdered.

  3. "A Barefoot Dream." In this heartwarming Korean drama, a retired soccer player coaches a team of inexperienced 10-year-olds. The film made its American debut at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January 2011.

  4. "The Housemaid." In this South Korean thriller, a married man comes to regret the affair he has with his housemaid when he has to suffer the consequences. This film played in the U.S. at both the Mill Valley Film Festival and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

  5. "The Man From Nowhere." This movie, a Korean action thriller, is the story of a retired drug dealer who faces challenges after he rejoins the trade. The film played in the United States at Fantastic Fest as well as at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

  6. "I Saw the Devil." This Korean thriller, which is known for being extremely violent, is about a man who stalks the serial killer who murdered his fiancee. The movie made its debut in the United States at the Sundance Film Festival.

  7. "Iris: The Movie." Two colleagues in the Korean Special Forces fall for the same woman in this complex and gripping drama. When nuclear war breaks out, the men learn the object of their affection has a secret.

  8. "Poetry." In this moody Korean drama, a woman at the end of her life sets out on a search for new meaning. The movie played in the United States at the New York Film Festival, the Denver International Film Festival and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

  9. "Bedevilled." Another Korean thriller, this movie centers on a woman bent for revenge on the man she feels is responsible for her daughter's death. Its dark themes are offset by wonderful performances by its lead actors.

  10. "Saying Good-Bye, Oneday." In this romantic drama, a man is torn between marrying for love or for status. He makes his choice, but destiny eventually reunites him with his true love.