If comedy is your thing, you don't want to miss these 10 funny Korean movies. Laughter has been called the best medicine, and the film industry worldwide produces an endless supply for those in need of it. Check out this list of 10 funny Korean movies that you should see.

  1.  "Save The Green Planet" (2003). This funny Korean movie follows a bee farmer. Byung-Gu is convinced that all of earth's problems, including his mother's coma, is the work of malevolent aliens. So Byung-Gu kidnaps the CEO of a chemical company who he believes is the aliens' earth contact, but the only thing Byung-Gu's actions do is make him look like an active serial killer.

  2. "The Mafia, The Salesman" (2007). This funny Korean movie takes place during the Free Trade Agreements, and follows an organized crime gang. The one college graduate that works for this gang is given a mission; to benchmark large corporations in order to globalize their gang. Can he do it with screwing it up?

  3. "Bravo My Life" (2007). This funny Korean movie is about mid-life crisis. The story follows a retiring employee who along with his co-workers gets another chance at youth. Each one plays an instrument, so they decide to start a rock band.

  4. "Going By The Book" (2007). This is a Korean crime/comedy movie. A new police chief under pressure from the public, and no where to turn, places a naive cop undercover to infiltrate an organized crime gang.

  5. "Moodori" (2006). This Korean comedy is about a sleepy town that comes to life for a very strange reason. After a suicide makes Moodri the spot to end it all, its residents open up a guesthouse for short term visitors only.

  6. "Lost In South, Mission" (2007). This funny Korean movie is about two lost soldiers. After a night of heavy drinking and fishing, two North Korean soldiers awaken only to find they have drifted into South Korea. With no money to get home, the only choice they have is to enter a singing contest with a trip to Mountain Kumgang, North Korea as its winning prize. 

  7. "Like A Virgin" (2006). This funny Korean movies is about a young boy's dream. Oh Dong Gu is a different kind of boy, his life long dream is to become a superstar; or Madonna to be precise. But Oh's biggest problem is being a boy, so he enters a wrestling competition, in order to raise the money needed for his sex change operation.

  8. "Seducing Mr. Perfect" (2006). This funny Korean film is about a smart woman, who is clueless when it comes to love. Min always comes up short when it comes to love, so she turns to her womanizing boss for advice. After he teaches Min how to act around men, he gives her the ultimate test; to seduce him.

  9. "Barefoot Ki-Bong" (2006). This funny Korean film is about a dimwitted young man who likes to run. But Ki-Bong isn't an ordinary runner; he runs barefoot, and he's going to enter a marathon and win, so that he can buy his loving mother some false teeth.

  10. "My Captain Mr. Underground" (2006). This Korean comedy film is about a grave robbing con-artist. After Dai-Chool catches two kids stealing from him, he convinces them that he is a special agent, and gets them to help him in steal in the name of justice. But in the process, the three end-up becoming like family.