In addition to several horror movies, the ten best Korean movies of 2006 includes action thrillers, crime dramas, comedies and romance. If you are interested in Asian film, you should definitely check these movies out. Read on for the list:

  1. "The City of Violence." This Korean action thriller is comparable to some of the best work by Quentin Tarantino. It tells the story of a businessman who returns to his hometown for his friend's funeral and becomes involved with the local crime syndicate. It was nominated for four South Korean Grand Bell Awards, including Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Editing, and Best Supporting Actor.

  2. "Daisy." This dramatic romance tells the story of a detective and a killer who become rivals after they fall in love with the same woman. It was recognized as one of the best Korean movies of 2006 at South Korea's Grand Bell Awards as well as at the Montreal World Film Festival.

  3. "I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay." This comedy-drama tells the story of a young woman who is hospitalized at a mental institution because she believes she is a cyborg, and during her stay falls in love with another patient. The two leads were nominated for best actor and best actress at the Grand Bell Awards.

  4. "The Host." In this Korean monster movie, a serpent created by toxic chemicals emerges from a river in Seoul and begins terrorizing the city. It was recognized as one of the best films of 2006 with many awards and nominations, including wins for Best Film, Best Cinematographer, Best Actor, and Best Editor at the Asian Film Awards.

  5. "Th Restless." This action-adventure film takes place at the end of the United Shilla Dynasty, and tells the story of a warrior who sets out to fight ancient demons. It is one of the best Korean films of 2006 because of its excellent visual effects, which were recognized by both the Asian Film Awards and the Grand Bell Awards.

  6. "To Sir With Love." Also known as "Bloody Reunion," this Korean horror film centers on a group on high school graduates who reunite to torment a teacher they feel did them wrong in the past. Though most "K-horror" movies are ghost stories, this is a classic American slasher.

  7. "Sam's Lake." Another Korean horror movie, this one has the distinction of starring several American actors. It tells the story of several friends who visit a lakeside cottage associated with a terrifying urban legend.

  8. "A Dirty Carnival." This crime thriller is the story of a career criminal who is climbing the ranks in the Korean mafia to support his ailing mother. It was recognized as one of the best Korean movies of 2006 by the Grand Bell Awards, where its nominations included Best Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor.

  9. "200 Pounds Beauty." This movie tells the story of a Korean pop star with poor self-esteem who decides to undergo extensive plastic surgery. It received Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress and Best Cinematography, and was nominated for Best Director and Best Film.

  10. "Radio Star." Nominated for Best Korean Film of 2006 by the Grand Bell Awards, this movie tells the story of a singer's comeback after he gets involved with drugs.

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