Immerse yourself in killer sword fights while still soaking up the culture of foreign films with the 10 best Korean movie trailers. While there is no doubt that many of the movies that made our list are filled with non-stop action and amazing fight scenes, it isn’t all sword fights and ass kicking. The ten best Korean movie trailers include monsters, gangsters and some amazing pieces of historical fiction that can give you an unique look into Korean culture.

  1. “No Mercy” (2010) You don’t have to speak a word of Korean to get drawn into this Korean movie trailer. A taunt thriller about a forensic expert who needs to solve the mystery of a dismembered corpse, dodge a killer and try to reconnect with his daughter after ten years is the perfect film for anyone who wants a thriller with a bit of heart.

  2. “The Restless” (2007) If you’re looking for a movie that is non-stop action, look no further than Korean movie trailer. It’s everything an action/fantasy fan could want: kick ass martial arts, battles with demonic forces and a trip int the spirit world.

  3. “The Host” (2006) Bring on the reign of mysterious beasts with this Korean movie trailer. When a mysterious egg hanging off the side of a bridge along the banks of the Han River revels itself to be a blood thirsty horror, it’s up to a family to save the city.

  4. “City of Violence” (2006) A story about two men teaming up to solve the murder of their childhood friend may be worn thin, but the fight scenes in this best Korean movie trailer are brilliant. You can’t go wrong with a fight scene that is nothing but B-boys and power moves.

  5. “Ice Rain” (2004) This best Korean movie trailer may start out as a sweet, romantic drama, but it gets nasty really quick when two friends fight over the object of their desire and try to fight their way out of Alaska's icy tundra.

  6. “Shiri” (1999) If you’re a fan of shootouts and political espionage, this Korean movie trailer is for you. It takes all of the tension between North and South Korea and neatly packages into a neat little film filled with guns and lots of dead people.

  7. “Old Boy” (2005) This one of the ten best Korean movie trailers has become a modern classic for fans of Korean movies. During a drunken night out, a family man is kidnapped and held in a makeshift prison without cause. During his incarceration, he finds out that his wife and  daughterhave been brutally murdered. Now he’s out and looking to avenge his family and solve the mystery behind capture.

  8. “Tae Gu Gi” (2004) Both horrible and heart wrenching, this Korean movie trailers takes a harsh look at the horrors of the Korean war and the strength of the friendships that are forged through terror of war.

  9. “Memories of Murder” (2003) Creepy and thoroughly disturbing, this Korean movie trailer is so creepy that you can’t look away. In the span of five years, ten young women are brutally raped and murdered in a tiny village. A detective obsessed with the case claws his way through millions of suspects to find a brutal killer.

  10. “Sword in the Moon” (2003) Filled with lush scenery and epic swor fighting scenes, this Korean movie trailer is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of swords and historical fiction.