10 Best Korean Movie Sex Scenes

Tuesday, February 8 by sameerah blue

“Say Yes” (2001)

Being pursued by a serial killer doesn’t stop this couple stop this couple from putting in some serious sexy time in this one of the ten best Korean movie sex scenes. Just before they have to run for their lives our couple works their hotel room like it’s going out of style.

“On the Occasion of Remembering Turning the Gate” (2002)

Over all this movie is so depressing you may want to pop open a vein before getting to the reason that this movie made the list of the ten best Korean movie sex scenes. They aren’t too original when it comes to positions, but what they lack in style they make up for for vigor.

“Plum Blossom” (2000)

Few things are as sexy as teenagers in lust. There are so many great sex scenes in this movie that it was hard to pick just one to make the list of the ten best Korean movie sex scenes. But we had to go with the couple exploring each other in the garden.

“Marriage is a Crazy Thing” (2002)

After she gets married, a young woman takes up with an old flame. Posing as a married couple during their encounters. Watching her lover go down on his adorable paramour is what makes this one of the ten best  Korean movie sex scenes.

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