This article is for romantics, and will highlight the 10 best Korean love movies for their entertainment. Love stories are some of the most sought after in the film industry, world wide. Below is a list of 10 of the best Korean love movies that you should see.

  1. "Feathers In The Wind" (2005). This Korean romance film about finding love is suitable for all ages. The plot follows a man who has lost the love of his life; and a woman who is in search of love, whose chance meeting blossoms into romance.

  2. "Love Me Not" (2006). This highly rated Korean romantic movie about pure love has been called dark, moving, and chilling. The story is about two lonely souls who fall in love; a womanizing man, and a lonely blind cold-hearted heiress, who he plans to swindle and kill. 

  3. "Secret Sunshine" (2007). This Korean love movie is about grief and moving on. The story follows a woman who finds a new love, which ends her mourning the loss of her husband. But her new love is tested when once again, she comes face to face with grief after the murder of her son.

  4. "Ditto" (2000). This is a Korean fantasy/romance film that spans two decades. The tale follows a university student who communicates with a female student in the same university with a ham radio; the catch is, they live in different times twenty years apart. 

  5. "Art Of Seduction" (2005). This is a Korean romantic/comedy movie. The story revolves around two dating gurus who end up in a competition to maintain their different dating rules after finding themselves in a relationship. Which one will be the last player standing?

  6.  "Daisy" (2006). This is a Korean romantic/thriller about a love triangle. The story revolves around a girl who receives flowers every day from an admirer; a shy assassin, who's while hiding from an agent; whom the girl comes to believe is her secret admirer.

  7. "Au Revoir, UFO" (2004). This is a Korean romantic/comedy about a chance meeting that turns into friendship, and eventual love. The story follows a shy bus driver who falls in love with a blind passenger who rides his bus.

  8.  "Chunhyang" (2000). This love movie is based on a classic Korean tale. It is the story of man and woman who secretly marry before the man goes off to school. In her husband's absence, the woman is imprisoned and sentenced to death by an evil governor who can't win her love.

  9. "A Millionaire's First Love" (2006). This is a Korean romantic/comedy film about a slacker who will inherit a million dollars upon high school graduation. The catch is the school is in a very rural town, but the slacker meets a special girl in his new school that might make him change his ways.

  10. "A Bitter Sweet Life" (2005). This Korean romance movie has been called a masterpiece. The story revolves around a bodyguard who is given the task of protecting his crime boss' girlfriend, but the two fall in love, and find themselves on the run for their lives.