10 Best Korean Erotic Movies

Wednesday, January 26 by sameerah blue

The best Korean erotic movies aren’t just about having sex. Although there is plenty of sex to be had in these films, the 10 best Korean erotic movies look at the different ways sex affects our lives by looking at sex and violence, sex and food, sex addiction and the kinky madness that is BDSM. Check out our 10 favorite sexy Korean movies below, and for further viewing pleasure, visit our list of the 10 Best Korean Movie Sex Scenes.

“La Belle” (2000) Sex with strangers is what drives this Korean erotic movie. When an acquaintance shows up on a writer’s door step on a rainy night, what starts out as helping a friend out of the rain turns into a night of passion.

“The Housemaid” (2010) After her divorce, Kim Ki-Young gets a job as a housekeeper to make ends meet. It doesn’t take long for her boss to use his social standinig to force his way into her bed. If you really want a good time, watch this Korean erotic movie to see how the definition of erotic has changed though the years.

“Yellow Hair” (1999) Sex and violence explode in this Korean erotic movie. Party girl Yu-Na is crushed to find that the guy of her dreams is still pining for an old flame. She unites with her best friend to hunt down and kill the competition.

“Twenty” (2001) When a high schooler with dreams of becoming an actress begins sleeping with a young man who wants to be a director, her family forces her to give up her dreams. The combination of hot sex scenes and heartache is what makes this one of the best Korean erotic movies.

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