Here are the 10 best Korean chick flicks. Romance movies have always been the choice for anyone who is, or wants to be in love. Check out this must-see list of Korean chick flicks.

  1.  "Feathers In The Wind" (2005). This Korean chick flick follows a man in search of old love, and a woman in search of new love. A  man waits to be reunited with a woman ten years to the day, at the place where they fell in love. But before the love of his life arrives, the man falls in love with another woman.

  2.  "My Scary Girl" (2006). This is a Korean romance/thriller flick about an odd couple. After a shy man and a charming woman begin dating, the man soon comes to realize his mysterious new love is hiding some terribly dangerous secrets.

  3. "Woman On The Beach" (2006). This chick flick revolves around a one-night-stand. A man goes on a trip with a couple, and ends up having sex with the woman, with neither on knowing how to handle it the morning after.

  4. "Once In A Summer" (2006). This Korean chick flick is about endless love. The story takes place in 1969 and spans 30 years, it is about a man and woman from different parts of Korea who fall in love while together, only to be torn apart when the country is divided.

  5. "My Mother, The Mermaid" (2006). This Korean flick is about a lonely young woman. While searching for her long lost father, the woman stumbles upon the place where her parents first met, from there, she is taken back in time to see them fall in love.

  6. "Love Now" (2007). This chick flick follows two couples who seem to be opposites. Soon after their chance meeting and trading of thoughts, the four of them find in the opposite couple's partner, what they have been missing from their own.

  7. "The Old Garden" (2007). This Korean chick flick is about endless love. A government protester who has been released from prison after 17 years, returns home only to find his true love has died. But while reading her diary, he discovers she has left him a gift; a daughter.

  8. "I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK" (2007). This is a Korean romantic/comedy flick. The story follows a young woman who charges herself with a transistor radio instead of eating, because she believes she is a cyborg. Her actions land her in an institution, where she catches the eye of a male patient who is determined to cure her so that she will eat food.

  9. "Operation Makeover" (2007). This chick flick is about a woman who is unhappy about turning 30. But when she gets a chance to go back in time for a week, she is determined to win the love of a boy from her past, who in her present life, is a big star.

  10. "Lovers Of 6 Years" (2008). This is a Korean romantic/comedy flick. The story follows a man and woman who's six year love affair has them doing everything that a married couple does. But after getting to know each other that well, the spark is gone, and they don't know what to do.