In these 10 beautiful Korean movies, the actors are able to create such intense and realistic moments. These powerful dramatic scenes from the Korean movies draw the audience into the storyline. You’ll find yourself laughing and tearing up along with the characters in these Korean films

  1. “Secret Sunshine.” The director of this film is the famed Lee Chang-dong who is also a novelist and was South Korea’s former Minister of Culture. The movie was recognized and won awards at various international film festivals for its beautiful story. It centers on a woman who loses her husband and has to deal with her intense grief.

  2. “The Classic.” In parallel plotlines, the audience is treated to two love stories. We learn of a mother’s love story told in flashbacks and her daughter’s love story in the present day. Son Ye-jin played the mother in this moving melodrama and received numerous awards for her stellar performance.

  3. “His Last Gift.” The audience is introduced to a hardened criminal who will be spending the rest of his life in jail. He’s granted provisional release so that he can give his liver to a sick little girl in need. It’s touching to see how he strives for her life, especially when he realizes that she is his biological daughter.

  4. “Lover’s Concerto.” Lee Ji-hwan narrates this melodrama as he reminisces about a past summer to his friend, Cheol-hyeon. It’s a story of a summer friendship he had with two girls. Originally falling in love with one, Ji-hwan later realizes that he had actually fallen for the other.

  5. “A Moment to Remember.” This beautiful drama is divided into four chronological segments that tell the story of a couple’s relationship and how the pair copes with Alzheimer’s disease. The Korean title literally translates to: “Eraser in My Head.” It perfectly describes what happens to Su-jin when she deals with the knowledge that she’s slowly forgetting her husband.

  6. “The Perfect Couple.” In a freak accident, Choi Soo-jin accidentally jabs a detective who’s racing by during a criminal hunt. As luck would have it, Soo-jin is set up with this very same detective and the two fall in love as they work on a drug crackdown together. This popular movie topped the South Korean box office on the week it opened.

  7. “Almost Love.” Ji-hwan studies taekwondo and is a part-time stuntman. His good friend Dal-rae studies drama and wants to be an actress one day. The relationship between these two old friends becomes thorny when they both start dating other people.

  8. “Now and Forever.” Min-su’s playboy lifestyle is about to undergo a drastic change when he meets Hye-won. The two fall madly in love with each other, but what Min-su doesn’t know is that Hye-won is slowly dying from a fatal disease. In this poignant story, both characters learn the meaning of true love.

  9. “Last Present.” Comedy is often used to mask and deal with one’s deepest problems and this is exactly what Yong-ki discovers of himself. He begins to see similarities between the comedic characters he plays on stage and his estrangement with his wife. Through his acts, we learn more about their dying marriage and whether it’s salvageable.

  10. “Love Me Not.” The literal title of this Korean film is more telling as it translates to the phrase: “Love and such is not necessary.” To pay off his steep debts, Julian conspires to kill a rich heiress for her money. An emotional storm is generated when the two fall in love.