Here are ten action Korean movies to get your blood pumping. The Korean film industry has been making a splash stateside. If you don’t mind dubbed movies or subtitles these Korean action movies are just the thing. Action is universal and a little ethnicity with your action is a good thing.

  1. “Great” 2006. Is an action packed gangster movie that follows two old friends. One is a crime boss and the other is making his way up the ladder. The two friends rule Korea with an iron fist.

  2. “Phantom the submarine” 1999. Having thought you are executed for killing a superior office only to wake up in a Russian nuclear clas submarine, spells a bad day. That is what happens to the main character in this action movie.

  3. “Sword in the Moon” 2003. Is an action packed samurai style movie set in ancient times. The plot centers on two epic fighters whose friendship is dissolved. The mayhem that ensues is nothing short of spectacular.

  4. “Some” 2004. Tem million dollars in illegal drugs stolen from the police as they transport it. A man and a woman destined to die in 24-hours. A crazed detective hell-bent on solving the crime and all this leading to a climatic ending makes for good action.

  5. “No mercy” 2010. A murder is on the loose. He is dubbed the river bed murder based on the body of a young woman discovered by the river. The body was cut into six pieces and now lead detective’s daughter is missing. This is a great action-thriller with some really good directing.

  6. “Tube” 2003. Terrorist named ‘T’ is on the loose. He has boarded a train with a boat load of explosive. The action is lit like a fuse at the onset of the movies and continues throughout. A wonderful debut for Korean director Baek Woon-hak in this action packed thriller.

  7. “Natural City” 2006.  This movie set in 2080 is about the revolt of cyborgs. In a world dependant on technology and a world that has allowed AI to create, falls under the grip of the cyborgs it had created. This is a great movie in the ‘I, Robot’ vein with a bit of a twist.

  8. “This Host” 2006. Is a critically acclaimed Korean action movie that centers on a destructive river creature. The creature has turned the rive it inhabits to blood, killing anyone or things that enters. A very gruesome but action filled Korean movie.

  9. “Typhoon” 2006. This pirate movie set in modern times is about a man without a country. A North Korean defector is turned away by the South and now without a home he tales to the seas in a plan to punish both Koreas.

  10. “Guns and talks” 2002. Four assassins whoa re willing to kill in any way requested, find themselves on some odd assignments. The Korean action film is riddled with tongue in cheek humor and some great action sequences. Fun and guns make for great bed fellows.