There are several ways to land yourself on the list of worst sci fi movies. Bad acting, unrealistic plot, and shoddy special effects are all characteristics of the movies found on this list of worst sci fi movies.  

  1. "The Core" This 2003 movie, which features a plot where the earth's core stops rotating and screws up the earth's magnetic field, actually made the list of worst Sci Fi movies compiled by NASA due to its unrealistic premise. To top it all off, the film contains a very mediocre performance by respected actress Hillary Swank.

  2. "Santa Clause Conquers the Martians" The title of this film alone ensures its spot on the list of worst sci fi movies. The absurd plot features a group of martians who kidnap Santa Clause because there is nobody on Mars to give their children presents. To make matters worse, the 1964 film dresses the martians up in ridiculous foam costumes. 

  3. "Turks in Space" Yes, you read the title correctly. This 2006 film, directed by Kartal Tibet, was voted the 6th worst film of all time by the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

  4. "The Faculty" There have been a lot of ba high school movies made, but The Faculty combines a bad high school movie with a bad sci fi movie to make one of the worst sci fi movies of all time. The faculty includes a group of aliens who take over a high school by injecting a parasitic organism into the ear of the students. The only good thing about this bad movie might be the brief appearance of Jon Stewart as a high school science teacher.

  5. "Species II" When you make a sequel to a sci fi movie that was pretty bad to begin with, there's a pretty good chance the sequel will find itself on the list of worst sci fi movies. Species II is a 1998 film where an astronaut returning from a mission to mars manages to impregnate two women with alien babies. The film features awful and mildly offensive scenes, such as a woman being raped by tentacles and a baby alien shooting out of a woman's vagina.

-Ian King