Three of the biggest blockbusters of all time are Will Smith alien movies. Will Smith is one of the most well-known actors of our time. When he started on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, people thought that he was a real quick wit. HIs song "Parents Just Don't Understand" was wildly popular, too. But nobody realized he was going to go on to star in movie after movie, with more than a few dramas scattered amongst the comedies. His blockbuster alien movies to-date are as follows.

  1. "Independence Day". This was Will Smith's breakout role, propelling him into the stratosphere of fame and fortune. Jeff Goldblum co-starred, and the two had an easygoing chemistry that translated well on the big screen. Unlike most alien moves up to that point, Independence Day had aliens arriving with a great deal of fanfare, not getting here and hiding amongst us. Critics poked holes in the plot and character development, but that didn't stop people from seeing it repeatedly, and advising their friends to do the same. "Independence Day" had a $52 million opening weekend box office, and when all was said and done, the film had made well in excess of $800,000,000. As Will Smith alien movies go, "Independence Day" is the top-grossing by a very long shot.

  2. "Men in Black". Co-starring Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K), this was Will's (Agent J) second blockbuster in two years. (The year before "Independence Day", "Bad Boys" came out and was a respectable hit, but not a blockbuster.) Agent K monitors alien activity on earth, and recruits Agent J after J sees an alien. The movie was based on three comic books released in 1990 by Aircel Comics. "MIB" has grossed $589 million to-date.

  3. "Men in Black 2". Agent K comes out of retirement to help Agent J defeat Serleena, a shapeshifting royal from the planet Kylothia. The aliens themselves had a much bigger role in this film and were wickedly funny. "MIB2" grosses just barely topped the $400m mark.

Will Smith's alien movies are big box office draws, so there are bound to be more over the years to come. Now that his children are performers, wouldn't it be great to see a movie starring the entire family?