Vintage Alien movies are typically from the atomic era in American history. There was a common fear of being taken over by outsiders during this time. With the fear of communism on the rise and the Cold War underway, these films offered an escape, as well as, a preparative attitude towards the end of the world.

  1. "2001: A Space Odyssey." Made in 1968, this film is about an alien monolith that was sub-planted on Earth ages ago. However, humans go to the moon and there is another monolith. Dr. Dave Bowman and Dr. Frank Poole figure out that the monoliths have been waiting for human evolution to reach the moon. Eventually, a race gets underway between computers and humans to decide who reaches the next level of evolutionary status. This film was made right on the brink of the moon landing. Many people had their concerns about the security of landing on the moon, but the race to get there between the Russians and the United States, was very heated.

  2. "The Angry Red Planet." This vintage Alien movie takes place after a rocket ship comes back to Earth from Mars. However, this rocket ship and its passengers lost radio contact with mission control. Only two of the astronauts return home, Dr. Irish Ryan and Colonel Tom O'Bannion. The Colonel has a bizarre growth on him that needs to be cured and they race to figure out what to do. Turns out, the crew was confronted by giant spider-like aliens, big amoebas, and many other aliens before they could attempt to return home.

  3. "The Blob." In 1958, vintage alien movies were all about being in outer space. However, this movie takes place on planet Earth. An alien life form in the shape of a giant blob begins to take over the planet. It consumes everything in its path. The more it consumes, the larger it becomes. Steve McQueen is the leading male hero in this film and he must learn how to destroy him.

-Amanda Ferguson