Fantasy is one of the most exciting, engaging genres out there-especially in movies. From elves to human stars, this list of the top ten fantasy movies is sure to entertain.

  1. The Lord of the Rings series. When people think "fantasy", they think "Lord of the Rings". This trilogy revolutionized fantasy completely and made the genre what it is today, which makes it by far one of the top ten fantasies.

  2. The Star Wars series. Even with the newer movies, it's hard to deny that the Star Wars series is classic for good reason. An interesting mix of both science fiction and fantasy, the Star Wars series is a must for any fantasy fan.

  3. The Princess Bride. This film is another classic for a reason. It brings everything to the table: comedy, romance, action, and drama. Being one of the most quotable movies of all time, The Princess Bride is absolutely one of the top ten fantasy movies.

  4. Pan's Labyrinth. This dark tale taking place in the Spanish Civil War is intriguing, beautifully written, and visually stunning. With an incredibly innovative yet still familiar story and incredible acting, Pan's Labyrinth is a modern fantasy classic.

  5. How to Train Your Dragon. This film has so many things that should make it terrible, but somehow, all of those factors work in a way that is not only able to overlook, but actually helps the movie. The overdone prejudice moral has been revamped, the modern speech isn't annoying but legitimately hilarious, and instead of looking fake, the computer animation looks beautiful. With some of the best writing and definitely the best soundtrack of the year, How to Train Your Dragon isn't just another fantasy flick for kids.

  6. Princess Mononoke. Hayao Miyazaki's most well-known film, Princess Mononoke is amazing even for people who don't like anime at all. With genuinely beautiful art, an interesting and strangely whimsical storyline and setting, Princess Mononoke is definitely one of the top ten fantasy movies that shouldn't be snubbed.

  7. Labyrinth. It's cheesy. It's tacky. It's corny. It really makes little to no sense. Still, Labyrinth is one of those movies that everyone seems to love, even if only admitting it as a guilty pleasure. The fact that Labyrinth makes the audience overlook all of its flaws just because of how incredibly entertaining it is makes it one of the best fantasy movies out there.

  8. Big Fish. Tim Burton's tale of a son trying to find out the  truth behind his father's life, Big Fish is whimsical, sweet, and endearing, while still being emotionally stirring. The setting of the film the American south, also makes for a really nic break from typical fantasy settings, and all of these factors working to together definitely make it one of the top ten fantasy movies.

  9. Peter Pan (2003). While this film has its moments of uncomfortable strangeness, it's hard to deny that its cinematography and loyalty to the book make it truly enjoyable. This adaptation is also the only screen version that sticks with the stage tradition of having the same actor play both Captain Hook and Mr. Darling-and to top that off, that actor here is Jason Isaacs. An interesting take on a classic, 2003's Peter Pan is definitely one of the top ten fantasy movies.

  10. Amelie. This French film incorporates fantasy mainly through its titular character's whimsical daydreaming, and her emotions manifesting themselves in visual ways, such as Amelie literally turning into water and splashing onto the ground after awkwardly flubbing an important moment. A sweet, romantic tale that uses fantasy in an ingenious way, Amelie is one of the top ten fantasy movies.