An intergalactic epic space opera without music that soothes and riles the emotions like in the "Star Wars" soundtrack track list would be a lesser shadow of itself. Let the goosebumps pop, the breathing quicken and the quiet humming ensue as you listen with your heart and mind. Pretend your dog is a Wookie or your cat is Salacious Crumb and let those who would oppose you deal with these tracks reverberating through the neighborhood. 

  1. "The Imperial March" There isn't a single moment, good or bad, in your life that can't be enhanced by humming a few bars of "The Imperial March." This is dramatic music that has swept into the cultural collective psyche and could precede any important moment if only it wouldn't cause mass annoyance on the part of non-fans of the franchise. Feel the build-up as this track reaches its crescendo moment yet never relinquishing its hold on your eardrums.

  2. "Han Solo Returns" If the thawing of Han Solo didn't touch you then your heart is made out of colder stuff than carbonite. Either that or you just don't like "Star Wars" so the "Star Trek" convention is over on your right, kitty corner from the cash-checking place. The soft hints of suspense within "Han Solo Returns" set the stage for the surprise peek-a-boo that Jabba plays upon Han and Leia. It's a great "Star Wars" song that works hard to stay beneath the surface so that the visuals and acting get buoyed up by the music and no buried underneath.

  3. "Sail Barge Assault" With musical cues that feel like fight choreography, "Sail Barge Assault" keeps the tension going as the action plays out. As if hanging over a pit of saliva soaked, digestive death isn't enough to get your pulse racing, this "Star Wars" song hits with staccato pauses that trick you into thinking you can catch your breath only to realize you already missed your chance. "Star Wars" music builds your expectations and still manages to delight you even when you've heard it a dozen times.

  4. "Yoda's Theme" Power, grace and wisdom get the elegant treatment in this musical portrayal of the essence of Yoda. Listen with your eyes closed and you can feel the environment of Dagobah swirling out there in the mist, full of adventure and danger. It's a beautiful "Star Wars" song that conveys the wisdom of the great green one along with his Jedi power.

  5. "Cantina Band" The perfect blend of fun and alien, "Cantina Band" is lively and toe tapping. This "Star Wars" song has a tangible feel of otherworldliness, of being just different enough to feel like something you wouldn't hear on Earth but containing enough similarities in the style that it isn't disruptive to your ears. It's a great track that kicks on that movie screen in your head and starts playing Han (or Greedo) shooting first in their little argument. Bar life can be strange here on Earth so it stands to reason it should be just as strange out on other planets, and this track conveys that with great skill.

- Matthew Langenfeld