"Star Trek" quotes showcase the many memorable moments from the classic science fiction show from the mind of Gene Roddenberry. The TV show pushed the ideals and hopes of a generation of viewers who took possession of the cast and episodes as their own. Trekkies still remember all of the famous lines of the series as they never hesitate to reenact the scenes where these words are uttered to show their devotion. The cultural impact of the program is monumental as so many fans tune in each time to relive their memories. Quotes from "Star Trek" reveal why the TV series has lived on for so many years in the hearts and minds of countless fans.

"I signed aboard this ship to practice medicine, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across space by this gadget." Dr. McCoy represented much of the older generation who despised technology in this quote. Advancements may have done wonders for humanity, but McCoy was the heart and soul of the crew.

"How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life." James Kirk's quote from the movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn" shows his wisdom amidst the near twilight of his career and life. An old nemesis from the past seeks revenge and takes captive scientists who are working on a secret project that will push the crew of the Enterprise to the limits. Gene Roddenberry never hesitated to place powerful themes for his characters to learn and overcome such as life and death.

"It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." Captain Picard instructs Data on the ways on being human throughout the TV series, "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Data's quest to become more human despite being an android and the crew never mind to impart their own musings. The quote from the episode "Peak Performance" show that life is not always perfect, but unpredictable.

"There's an old saying, 'Fortune favors the bold.' Well, I guess we're about to find out." Captain Sisko was never one to sit on his laurels and wait for something to happen. His quote captures his spirit and determination in the TV series, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

"Second star to the right ... and straight on 'till morning." The final order from Captain James T. Kirk was inspired by Sir James Barry's classic "Peter Pan." It was also the last movie that the original crew would be seen together in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." This paved the way for Captain Picard and his crew to take the reigns as well as a proper send off to the original cast.

-Eduardo Camacho