If stories about aliens, space travel and technology gone awry get you excited, then you need to check out some of the best science fiction movies on DVD. These science fiction movies let us look at the present human condition through a lens of the future.

  1. "Blade Runner." This film created the look and feel of the "cyberpunk" genre and remains one of the best noir-style films ever. The visuals in this movie are so amazing, you will be stunned that something this beautiful was made in 1982.

  2. "Star Wars." "The Empire Strikes Back" is obviously the best of the three, but this selection includes all three original movies. While not "hard" science fiction, "Star Wars" combines strong science fiction elements with a compelling operatic storyline.

  3. "The Matrix." This look at a dystopian future draws you in by making you believe that the real world could all be make believe. While the story is strong, the time-bending visuals take this science fiction movie to the next level.

  4. "2001: A Space Odyssey." This film is often considered the first modern science fiction movie. It features one of the scariest villains in film history, the computer HAL 9000. "2001" is a true science fiction movie, but draws its greatness from how the characters interact.

  5. "Inception." This science fiction thriller takes us inside the dreams of the characters as they try to manipulate the real world by interacting with people in their dreams. The "dream-within-a-dream" motif of the movie leaves you guessing if the whole thing could itself be a dream.

  6. "Children of Men." This movie looks at a world where pregnancy is no longer a possibility, until one woman gets pregnant. The political machinations that follow take a close look at motifs like xenophobia.

  7. "District 9." The plot of this film is probably completely different from what anyone seeing it for the first time expected. While a science fiction movie, "District 9" is also a retelling of real events in South Africa, with aliens taking the part of disenfranchised Africans.

  8. "Brazil." This dark science fiction comedy take a look at a dystopian future full of bureaucracy and machinery. While it is a comedy, the movie is extremely intelligent and will definitely get you thinking.

  9. "Alien." This movie combines the horror and science fiction genres into one of the greatest movies ever made. When a bloodthirsty alien makes its presence known on a spaceship, all hell breaks loose as everyone just tries to survive.

  10. "Metropolis." This 1927 German film has aged a little, but it still remains one of the greatest science fiction movies ever. Again, the movie takes place in a dystopian future, where it looks at the plight of the working class. The motifs created by this film are seen in numerous other science fiction movies that came behind it.