These science fiction movies of 2009 have managed to take the genre to a whole new level. Although many movies were released in 2009, these science fiction films were among the best of the year.

  1. "Gamer." "Gamer" takes the virtual reality concept to a whole other level, to a future where convicts are forced to fight to the death in an game controlled by real people. This movie received a lot of hype for having Gerard Butler as one of the leading roles, which is why it goes down as one of the major science fiction movies of 2009.

  2. "Terminator Salvation." A near end-of-the-world scenario in which machines are trying to take over as the dominant creatures on earth, the fear of many techies out there.

  3. "Moon." In this fairly interesting movie, astronaut Sam Bell manages to find to find a substance that helps reduce the Earth’s energy problems. Those of you whom are more environmentally active may find interest in this movie.

  4. "Astro Boy." This science fiction movie is a 3D remake of the classic cartoon about a robotic boy that was created in the likeness of a scientist's son.

  5. "Surrogates." In this quirky science fiction thriller, humans only interact through their robotic counterparts called surrogates. Bruce Willis hones his acting skills as the lead character in one of the best science fiction movies of 2009.

  6. "District 9." Humans are holding aliens captive on earth which will no doubt lead to nothing but trouble and ruin. A thought provoking movie that makes you wonder if humans would actually do such a thing if provided the opportunity. 

  7. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Disappointing to some and enjoyable to others, in this "Transformers" sequel Sam tries to leave the Autobot’s war and pursue a normal life. This does not work out for him, and he finds himself shoved into the middle of war once again.

  8. "9." This is definitely one of the most unexpectedly epic animated movies of 2009. It's another science fiction movie that had surprisingly good storyline, which is why it deserves to be one of the best science fiction movies of 2009.

  9. "Avatar." Thought of as one of the best movies of all time, "Avatar" managed to take 3D viewing to the next level. This movie is about a marine who finds himself on an alien planet, deciding whether he should protect this new planet and its people, or follow orders.

  10. "Star Trek." Probably one of the most stunning and entertaining science fiction movies of 2009, this "Star Trek" movie gives viewers a look into the beginning of Captain James T. Kirk’s voyage.