A fan looking to enjoy any sci-fi movies they may have missed should definitely take into account the best science fiction movies of 2007. That year was a fairly slow year for science fiction releases, compared to the numerous blockbusters released in 2010, but there are still a select few that are worth watching.

  1. "Transformers" A movie that greatly modernizes the appeal of the original "Transformers", introducing the popular mech series to the younger generation of America. Michael Bay, known for his great and excessive use of explosions, takes the role of director for this movie which brings the computer generated graphics to a new level.

  2. "I Am Legend" Will Smith takes the role of a scientist and survivor of a plague that has infected much of New York City in this movie. This movie is different from the ”I am Legend” book, so fans of the book may be disappointed. However, if you are a fan of the movie, you may find the differences in the book are refreshing. It is definitely one of the best science fiction movies of 2007, if not of the decade, for the stunning art direction that was taken and the great acting.

  3. "Sunshine" It’s no secret that the sun will run out of fuel at some point in the future. In this movie, astronauts are sent out to reinvigorate the sun, a measly 50 years into the future. This is a thought provoking movie for those who have an actual interest in astronomy and science, which is why this is one of the best science fiction movies of 2007.

  4. "The Invasion" A psychiatrist is trying to figure out how the alien epidemic was started. In a corny plot twist, she finds that the burden of ending it may be on her son. Those who greatly value the story in a movie may be severely disappointed in this, but those who have an interest in thrillers or pseudo-horror movies may find this title fairly interesting. A great attempt at a thriller, certain to be one of the more exciting science fiction movies of 2007 for those whom are new to the genre.

  5. "The Signal" In this movie, people are being turned into madmen by a transmission being sent through media and conversational devices. While the source of horror for this movie may not be immediately believable, it is an idea that has been spoofed many times before, which makes this movie worth seeing.

  6. "Timecrimes" Ever wondered what would happen if you traveled back in time and altered the future? This movie takes a look into the butterfly effect and how ones actions can greatly influence the future. There are many movies that attempt to delve into the time-travel niche, but few manage to execute it properly as this movie did. Definitely one of the great science fiction movies of 2007.

  7. "Next" A magician has the ability to see into the future and is trying to prevent nuclear warfare from breaking out. The main character is only able to see two minutes into the future, which puts a cap on this potentially unfair ability. This movie is an amalgam of many genres into one, and has some fair acting in it. Worth a rent, to say the least.

  8. "Underdog" Children movie alert! This movie is about a hound that is in a lab accident and acquires super powers. This is a clear homage to "The Incredible Hulk". If you are over the age of 9, do not expect to find this movie funny or entertaining.

  9. "Alien vs. Predator Requiem" Aliens land in a small town, where they partake in epic battle for supremacy. This has been the storyline for many AvP movies, but this one fall short of offering any pleasant acting, writing or plot twists. Probably one of the worst science fiction movies of 2007.

  10. "Battle for Terra" An alien race defends their planet from humans looking to take it over. A surprisingly interesting movie, considering that it is pretty feasible that humans would want to habituate other planets, even if it resulted in warfare. One of the surprisingly good science fiction movies of 2007.