For some reason, watching science fiction B movies is appealing. Of course, this does not mean that every bad movie can be considered a good science fiction B movie. No, there is a fine line that B movie directors have to walk in order to create that type of cinematic magic; but if they do, then it is movie making gold. No one can really explain this phenomenon. Maybe people like these films for the same reason why the ugly dog gets all the attention; your heart just goes out to them. Nevertheless, some science fiction B movies do seem to stand out more and rate higher on the likability scale.

  1. “Plan Nine from Outer Space.” Truth be told, if you really wanted to create a list of best science fiction B movies of all time, you would probably just list every movie ever written and directed by legendary cult b movie film maker Ed Wood. Still, that would probably be unfair to other deserving films. So, when forced to pick one, Ed Wood’s “Plane Nine from Outer Space” would be sure to top anyone’s best of list.

  2. Troll 2.” This movie actually has no redeeming value; it is just one series of oddly shot awkward scenes after another. If you really need a reason as to why this film deserves to be at the top of a best of science fiction b movie list, then here are two. First, there are no trolls in the film, just goblins. Second, it actually is not a sequel. Yes, there is a “Troll 1,” but that movie is actually not relevant to this film at all. Even so, this movie has become quite the cult classic.

  3. “They Saved Hitler’s Brain.” The movie involves stealing Hitler’s brain, keeping it alive, and waiting for the proper time to attempt a resurrection. There are some many things wrong with the plot behind this movie that it seems silly to point them out. Of course, this is probably why it is such an awesomely bad science fiction B movie.

  4. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.” Okay, it you thought that the plot behind “They Saved Hitler’s Brain” was zany, then you are going to love this film, or maybe not. There really is no reason to watch this movie. Even for its time, the production is bad, the costumes are unbelievable, the sound quality is terrible, and the plot involves Santa Claus, some little kids, and Martians. Be careful when popping this science fiction b movie into the DVD player, it is so bad that you just can not turn away.

  5. “Six String Samurai.” The revisionist history of this film pictures a post apocalyptic world devastated by nuclear missiles. The hero of the movie, Buddy, is making his way to “Lost Vegas” to declare himself the king. Armed only with a samurai sword and six-string guitar, Buddy, assumed to be Buddy Holly, must battle a wide array of creatures and villains. It is the weirdness of this film that makes so deserving to be on this list.