These Sci Fi original movies are some of the best made for TV science fiction movies around. The Sci Fi channel produces many original movies each year in a variety of different sub-genres. So prepare for a movie marathon of scientific proportions with these Sci Fi original movies.

  1. “Basilisk: The Serpent King” (2006). In this Sci Fi original movie, an archeologist unearths an ancient monster that comes back to life during an eclipse. The movie stars Jeremy London, Wendy Carter and Cleavant Derricks.

  2. “Anonymous Rex” (2004). In this Sci Fi original, movie the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct but instead some evolved to be human-size. These evolved dinosaurs live among humans by wearing solid-light holographic disguises and in the movie a pair of dinosaur private investigators discover a cult that once them to retake the world. The movie stars Sam Trammell, Daniel Baldwin and Stephanie Lamelin.

  3. “Slipstream” (2005). A scientist invents a time machine that can go ten minutes into the past and decides to attempt a bank robbery. The film stars Sean Astin, Vinnie Jones and Ivana Milicevic.

  4. “Savage Planet” (2006). In this Sci Fi original movie, a team of scientists hopes they have discovered a new safe world, but instead find it inhabited by a mutated species. The film stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Reagan Pasternak and Joel S. Keller.

  5. “Reign of Gargoyles” (2007). This Sci Fi original movie is an alternate World War II history. After being attacked by Nazi-controlled gargoyles, a group of US airmen crash in hostile territory. The movie stars Joe Penny, Wes Ramsey and Sean Mahon.

  6. “Manticore” (2005). A US Army Squad discover that a terrorist leader in Iraq has woken a Manticore and asked the creature to rid his country of invaders at any price. The movie stars Robert Beltran, Jeff Fahey and Chase Masterson.

  7. “Snakehead Terror” (2004). A small town tries to recover from hard economic times when their polluted fish population starts to devour everything. The movie stars Bruce Boxleitner, Carol Alt and Chelan Simmons.

  8. “Vipers” (2008). A group of scientists take a group of vipers but the snacks escape into the woods during transport. The vipers do more than just attack with a deadly bite. The movie stars Tara Reid, Jonathan Scarfe and Corbin Bernsen.

  9. “Painkiller Jane” (2005). A young female soldier is exposed to a biochemical weapon that gives her the ability to heal herself and she uses her ability to fight crime. Jane, a young soldier, is exposed to a biochemical weapon that endows her with self-healing powers. She uses her abilities to fight crime while eluding the military. The movie stars Emmanuelle Vaugier, Eric Dane and Richard Roundtree.

  10. “Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming” (2007). This Sci Fi original movie is the sequel to another movie that was shown in theaters. This film is about a man that returns from Iraq and is haunted by visions of the dead. The movie stars Rob Lowe, Marnie McPhail and Ben Lewis.