Although the SyFy Channel has gained a reputation for producing films that could be classified as “B" horror movies, there are actually several SyFi Channel original movies that are worth watching. Of particular note are those movies that are based on a novel or a story, which are often the best films produced by the SyFy Channel.            

  1. Dune." This film, a fairly faithful adaptation of the classic novel by Frank Herbert, manages to not only captur the spirit of the novel but also has some excellent casting. Of particular note is the portly Ian McNeice, who portrays the villainous and hedonistic Baron Harkonnen. All in all, this is a fine feather in the network’s cap, and is a great way to spend an afternoon.

  2. "Alice." This original film, which is an adaptation of the classic tale about the girl Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, adds a dark twist to the story. Kathy Bates, who is always a formidable talent, steals the stage as the Queen of Hearts, a villainous woman who controls Wonderland by keeping the citizens in a constant stupor. With its blend of science and fantasy, this is a science fiction film that is exciting and a fine nod to Lewis Carroll’s original work.

  3. "Children of Dune." This original movie, which is an adaptation of two books in the Dune universe, continues the story begun in the original SyFy film to tell the continuing adventures of the members of the Atreides family. Susan Sarandon’s performance is worthy of particular respect, as she depicts a villainous princess who seeks to regain what was taken from her family, regardless of the price. This is truly a science fiction film that deserves accolade.

  4. "Tin Man." Although the classic tale of Dorothy in the land of Oz has been told many times, this rendition adds a science fiction spin to the tale, but with all of the same classic characters. The most delightful aspect of this SyFy film is the way in which it manages to take the familiar tale and re-imagines it as something both chilling and exciting to watch. There is nothing like seeing an old story made anew.

  5. "Red: Werewolf Hunter." If werewolves are more to your liking, then you will certainly enjoy this original SyFy film, which takes the classic fairytale on Red Riding Hood and transplants it to a contemporary setting, in which a woman hunts down dangerous werewolves. This is an adrenaline-filled rendition that will leave you invigorated with its ability to retell a classic story in a new way.

  6. "Beauty and the Beast." Although Disney’s telling of this fairy tale has become the most famous version, SyFy has also got in on the action and made their own tale, which shows the beast and the beautiful woman joining forces to ensure that he is not killed for gruesome murders which he did not commit. This is a worthy rendition of the fairy tale and, while not exactly family fare, is still worth watching.