The best sci-fi B movies are wonderful to watch. The acting can be over the top, the monsters often look like over-sized tinker toys and the screams are endearing.  The craftsmanship of the genre is authentic and the black and white quality adds a surreal backdrop. These three sci-fi movie break the predictable B movie mold.

  1. "Them," a sci-fI B movie about irradiated giant ants, is one of the best of sci-fi movies. A little girl is left alone and seems lost. Her trailer home is destroyed and parents are presumed dead. Brought out of catatonia she screams, "Them! Them!" Thus, the title of one of the best sci-fi movies is revealed. Edmund Gwenn stars as the scientist who analyzes the origins of the man-eating ants. After finding a giant ant nest, the race is on to find three missing queen ants. "Them" is a thrilling flick and decently scary in black and white for a sci-fi movie. James Arness, most noted for "Gunsmoke," plays the FBI agent in this sci-fi B movie.

  2. "The Fly," a classic 1958 movie, is one of the best sci-fi B movies. Vincent Price stars as Andre, a scientist who has mixed his DNA with a fly. Andre acquires the head and arm of a fly, while the fly dons a human head. This is a wonderfully eerie sci-fi flick and a definite cult classic. The most horrific scene is watching the human-headed fly scream, "Help me!" This is a really scary sci-fi movie and ranks as one best of the sci-fi B movies.     

  3. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is ranked as one of the best of sci-fi B movies. This sci-fi movie stars Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter and the infamous Pod People. This sci-fi movie begins with inexplicable changes in a small town. A unknown force turns townsfolk into emotionless strangers. McCarthy plays Dr. Miles Bennell who discover that townspeople are being replicated with human-like twin doubles. Bennell breaks the fourth wall to give an ominous warning to the movie audience. This sci-fi movie deserves the title of the best of the sci-fi B movies.