The scariest aliens in movies are scary because they are not like us. Whether dangerous, creepy or invisible, there is something terrifying about each one. Out of all of the scary aliens, these are found to be the most frightening. See if you remember any of these.

  1. The Aliens in "Aliens" The first movie in the "Alien" series is plenty scary. But if anything is scarier than one mean alien, it is a bunch of them. "Aliens" provides enough of them to make them some of the scariest aliens in movies. They are scary because they are so ugly and have a nasty habit of spitting acid.

  2. The Predator in "Predator" The alien in "Predator" is "one ugly mother," or so says Arnold Schwarzenegger. This alien is a pain, and watching it and the Governor scrap is fun. Predator can be invisible and shoot fiery missiles. That makes Arnie mad, so they engage in a little mud wrestling.

  3. The Alien in "The Thing". John Carpenter's "The Thing" will scare the fluids out of you. It assimilates bodies, so you never know who the alien is. The scariest scenes are when it busts out of dogs and people.

  4. The Alien in "Signs". This is another ugly alien that only a mother alien could love. He gets real annoying when he starts leaving crop circles in Mel Gibson's fields. The coolest part is when the alien joins Joaquin Phoenix in batting practice.

  5. Klaatu and Gort in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" In "The Day the Earth Stood Still," Klaatu decides to park his spaceship on Earth. Earthlings do not take kindly to him, so they shoot him. Klaatu does not take kindly to that and brings out Gort, a giant robot. Gort mostly stands around looking ominous. But when he does move, he disintegrates things.

  6. Martians in "The War of the Worlds" "The War of the Worlds" has some of the scariest aliens in movies. The Martians attempt to make themselves at home on Earth. They have cool rides that hover, and they go throug the town exploring buildings with what looks like eyeballs on a floating rope. They too have a knack for disintegrating things.

  7. The Pod People in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". The Pod People make themselves at home in people's bodies. They resemble the host, but there is something fishy about their actions; they have lost their sense of humor. They try to take over all people in a small California town, which is stupid because everyone knows it will fall into the ocean someday.

  8. The Alien in "Species" This sexy little alien in this film is called Sil. She looks human, so the authorities fear she will mate with the males in the city. Though she is quite nice looking, she has a bad habit of violent outbursts when she is unhappy.

  9. The Blob in "The Blob" The alien in "The Blob" is a buzz kill. It commits a cardinal sin by spoiling a fun night at the movies. What makes the Blob so scary is that it is a gelatin-like substance that chases people. Ever since it hitched a ride to Earth on a meteor, it keeps getting bigger. After chasing the monster around with fire extinguishers, the town folk get tired and give him a courtesy lift to the North Pole.

  10. The Aliens in "They Live" This is another of those scariest aliens in movies that could be anybody at any time. At first, the aliens look like regular people. But, if you order your special pair of alien watchers from late night TV, you might discover your stepmother is an alien.