Everyone loves a good scary movie alien especially if the movie itself is good, which is why we have this really scary movie aliens list. The combination is a rare find but those few that make it are worth watching over and over again.

  1. "Alien" – For most people, this is where scary movie aliens began and it continues through "Aliens," "Alien 3," and "Alien Resurrection." Even the not nearly as good "Alien vs. Predator" movies make most people shiver. The idea of having a spider-like creature attach itself to your face and lay an egg inside of you, only to have it burst out through your chest in the shape of a creepy slug with lots of sharp teeth and surprising speed, is more than enough to give anyone nightmares. The adult alien isn’t half-bad either.

  2. "Signs" – It was mostly psychological but those few seconds where you actually saw the alien crossing the street made it all the more terrifying. These scary movie aliens were barely onscreen but the buildup and knowledge that they were there made them even more terrifying. Sometimes what you can’t see is more terrifying than what you can, and an alien invasion that you can’t see but know is happening is one of the most terrifying ideas in film.

  3. "The Thing" – While John Carpenter’s version lacked the sheer everything of the Howard Hawks original/first, it did have a much more terrifying monster. Granted, the CGI isn’t what it is now and the criteria for scary movie aliens is different, but it was quite impressive for its time. A man’s head growing spider legs and skittering away down the hall and peaking around corners is still one of the most original ideas in movies, and it's still nightmare inducing.  

  4. "Predator" – Along with "Alien," "Predator" was the start of a new generation of scary movie aliens, along with introducing Arnold to the world. It was the first big alien hunter movie, and several of its actors went into politics. It was terrifying, the idea of an elite group of soldiers being hunted down by an alien hunter that could turn invisible and rip out its prey's skull and spines as trophies. There still hasn’t been anything else like it.

  5. "Independence Day" – It was an action movie with pretty decent aliens. These scary movie aliens were big, had lots of tentacles, and smaller aliens inside controlling them. Hearing them talk through the scientist they were choking only added to the terror. Of course Bill Pullman’s rousing Fourth of July speech is enough to erase the fear and make you want to take the aliens on one on one.

  6.  "X-Files" – It was the eyes that did it. Though it was never really seen in the movies or in most of the episodes for that matter, the image of little globs of black oil floating in people’s eyes as they stared menacingly at Mulder and Scully was a new and terrifying kind of scary movie alien. It is literately a one of a kind scary movie alien. It took over human bodies without warning and there was no way to fight back. All you could do was watch those globs of black oil floating in the person’s eyes.