Pretty much since the invention of motion pictures filmmakers have been creating outer space movies and for good reason. Who does not like a good flick about what lies out beyond the earth’s atmosphere in the vast out reaching of space? These are exciting, imaginative movies that appeal to a person’s sense of adventure. Of course, some movies do tend to stand out more than others do. This is why a list of some of the best outer space movies of all time seems appropriate.

  1. “Stark Trek II: Wrath of Khan.” It is unfortunate, but because of Star Trek’s nerdy cult following, the Stark Trek movies tend to be overlooked when it comes time to list some of the best outer space movies of all time. Even so, “Wrath of Khan” is a must see for any movie buff with a taste for out of this world adventure.

  2. “Apollo 13.” Apollo 13 makes the list of best outer space movies because it walks the line and spans many different movie genres. It is appealing to both space geek and history buff, as well as having a certain dramatic appeal, which is problem the reason for its amazing commercial success.

  3. “Aliens.” Even in today’s world of big budget animatronics and special effect film making, “Aliens” still has the power to captivate and thrill audiences. Unlike the outer space films of today, “Aliens” does not solely rely on state of the art imagery, instead the film blends together a thrilling story line, compelling acting, and imaginative directing to creates cinematic magic.

  4. “2001: A Space Odyssey.” This masterpiece, directed by Stanley Kubrick, captured the hearts, minds, and souls of audiences when it first appeared on the big screen more than forty years ago. Today, even though the year 2001 has long since come and gone, the profound vision of this film still rings true; making it a must see outer space film for any who has even a little bit of an imagination.

  5. “Star Wars.” While there are probably many more deserving outer space movies, “Star Wars makes this list because its overall impact on the movie industry. The movie changed the way filmmakers shot movies as well as the way audiences watched movies. As a bonus to all the special effects, which were revolutionary for their time, the movie actually also had a thrilling and intriguing story line.