Featuring some of the most cutting special effects of their time, this list of old space movies for guys includes groundbreaking films stretching all the way back to the beginning of cinema with the 1902 masterpiece “A Trip to the Moon,” and extending into modern cinema with the terrifying 1979 thriller, “Alien.” Characterized by sexy starlets, bizarre creatures and some of the toughest leading men in film including Walter Pidgeon and Steve McQueen, these immortal epics are must see films for any guy hoping to experience the classics.


  1. “A Trip to the Moon” The perfect old space movie for guys, this 1902 film is noted as the first science fiction film and features beautiful women in sailor suits, fights with aliens and the most cutting edge special effects of the time. The film contains one of the most famous scenes in the history of cinema in which a space capsule lands on the moon by hitting “The Man in the Moon” in the eye.

  2. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” This 1951 classic from award-winning director Robert Wise is about a humanoid who comes to earth to warn society about its imminent destruction. This film features the infamous robot, Gort, and remains one of the best examples of an old space movie for guys.

  3. “Barbarella” Featuring a young, sexy Jane Fonda as well as an excellent performance by legendary mime Marcel Marceau, “Babarella” remains one of the best old space movies for guys ever to come out of the 1960’s. The campy classic has become known for its frequent sex scenes, among them the opening sequence in which Jane Fonda undresses in zero gravity.

  4. “Forbidden Planet” One of the greatest examples of an old space movie for guys, this 1956 gem about a group of astronauts investigating a foreign planet features an early performance by legendary actor Leslie Nielsen. The first on-screen appearance of Robby the Robot, a sultry Anne Francis as a love starved girl and eye-popping special effects highlight this sci-fi classic.

  5. “The Blob” This 1958 B-movie tells the story of an amoeba-like creature from space that grows by devouring the citizens of a small Pennsylvania town. The film is known for its odd cinematography and holds the distinction as the first film to feature action superstar Steve McQueen in a leading role.

  6. “It Came From Outer Space” The first Universal Studios film ever shot in 3-D, this movie was based on an original screenplay by science fiction writer Ray Bradbury and tells the story of a group of aliens who crash-land on earth and proceed to take control of the people of a small town.

  7. “This Island Earth” An excellent old space movie for guys, this 1955 film about an American scientist who is kidnapped by aliens and charged with saving their race has gone on to become a cult classic and features vivid colors and incredible, ground-breaking special effects on par with those used in modern films.

  8. “War of the Worlds” Based on the novel of the same name by acclaimed science fiction writer H.G. Wells, this 1953 classic about a race of aliens attempting to take over the world is the perfect old space movie for guys. Featuring intense action sequences including the destruction of entire cities and humans being vaporized, this film has been cited as one of the greatest science fiction films of all time and was remade by Steven Spielberg in 2005.

  9. “Flash Gordon” A 1936 movie serial about the exploits of a space traveling football player as he battles an intergalactic tyrant, “Flash Gordon” was the first science fiction serial and features excellent action and a beautiful, golden haired Jean Rogers as Dale Arden.

  10. “Alien” Arguably one of the best old space movies for guys in the history of film, “Alien” featured a sexy, young Sigourney Weaver at her finest as Ellen Ripley, the Warrant Officer aboard a ship plagued by some of the most terrifying aliens ever created. With exceptional fight scenes and horrifying aliens and sets designed by legendary surrealist artist H.R. Giger, “Alien” won a number of prestigious film awards when it premiered in 1979 and remains one of the greatest science fiction epics of all time.