Most old science fiction movies contain notions we now see as ridiculous, such as space people from Mars for example. Others attempt to foretell the future. The old science fiction movies that do this are often either way off the mark or eerily prophetic. The science fiction movies below are hilarious, prophetic or just plain dumb. Regardless, they are some of the best. 

  1. "Woman in the Moon" Fritz Lang released this old science fiction movie in 1929. The sci-fi classic is about a manned rocket mission to the moon about 40 years before anyone did it for real. It's a science fiction prototype, borrowing from real German rocket technology, that inspired most of the old science fiction movies after it. 

  2. "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" The classic slapstick duo fly to Outer Space in this 1953 science fiction comedy. While working on a missile base, they accidentally blast off in a rocket and land in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The crazy festive attire causes them to think they are actually on Mars. Then they get hijacked by bank robbers and land on Venus, a land of many adventures. They never seem to make it to Mars. 

  3. "Devil Girl from Mars" The title of this old 1954 science fiction movie pretty much sums things up. A devilish leather-clad woman with a blaster gun comes to Earth from Mars to breed with men. It's really very sexy for the era it was released in. 

  4. "Attack of the Puppet People" Franz the doll maker takes on mad science as a second hobby in a twisted 1958 science fiction tale. In a fit of jealousy, Franz turns his crush and her new boyfriend into doll size people. They do get their revenge in a rather comical sort of way. 

  5. "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" Ming the Merciless infects the Earth's population with a deadly plague called "The Purple Death" in a hilarious sci-fi film from 1940. The antidote is called polarite, which Flash and his friends find in a frigid land called Frigia. 

  6. "Dr. Cyclops" Here's another mad scientist style human shrinking movie from 1940. A deranged physicist Thorkel who works in the jungles of South America invites a group of explorers to witness his experiments. When they complain about his weird science habits, Dr. Thorkel shrinks them. 

  7. "The Invisible Woman" "The Invisible Man" was apparently not good enough, so someone created a tale of an invisible woman in a 1940 old science fiction movie you don't want to miss. The hero of the story is a female reporter who spills on herself some juice she finds in her mad scientist uncle's laboratory. The juice turns her invisible. Her invisibility enhances her investigative journalism abilities in one of the greatest old science fiction movies of all time.