This article will highlight some very interesting old alien movies for guys to enjoy. Alien movies fit into the sci-fi genre, but they can also include comedy, horror and suspense. Check out this list of must-see old alien movies. 

  1.  "The Thing" (1951). This alien movie takes place at an Arctic research station. It begins with a group of scientists who remove a frozen alien body, played by James Arness, from a crashed UFO. Immediately after thawing the alien out, it wreaks havoc on the base, killing everyone in its path.

  2. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (1951). This movie stars Michael Rennie as an alien who lands his space ship near the White House. When Klaatu exits with his robot, he claims to have an important message for mankind, and does all kinds of unexplainable things, including making the world stand still at his command.

  3. "It Came From Outer Space" (1953). This alien movie begins with a meteor crashing in the Arizona desert. John Putnam, played by Richard Carlson, is the only witness to the event, but when he reports it, the sheriff and everyone else thinks he is crazy. Strange things start to happen in the town, and now people want to believe Putnam, who knows the aliens only want to repair their ship and go home.

  4. "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers" (1956). This classic alien movie stars Kevin McCarthy as a doctor. While treating patients for a strange ailment, doctor Miles Bennel comes to realize they have been replaced by aliens who have been sent to their small California town in pods to replace its humans.

  5. "Not Of This Earth" (1957). This alien film stars Paul Birch, who was also starred in "Rebel Without a Cause." Paul plays Johnson, a man who hires a nurse to give him constant blood transfusions. After the nurse's boss questions the transfusions, he soon learns through alien telepathy, that Johnson is an alien, sent to earth to see if human blood can be used for his dying race.

  6. "The Blob" (1958). This classic alien film stars Steve McQueen as a playboy teen whose word is questionable. After he sees slime come out of a meteor that fell in his town, the teenager has a tough time convincing residents to believe what he saw. Until the alien blob grows to an enormous size from consuming everything in its path.

  7. "Alien" (1979). This movie centers on a close encounter in space, starring Sigourney Weaver. The crew of a spaceship finds themselves hunted by at unstoppable alien after they bring a harmless looking creature onboard.

  8. "The Terminator" (1984). This movie is set in post apocalyptic 2029 L.A., where the city is ruled by machines. The plot follows a man who is sent back in time to rescue the mother of an unborn boy, who will lead the resistance against the machines in the future. But a cyborg, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has also been sent back to the same time to eliminate the mother before she can give birth.

  9. "Aliens" (1986). This alien movie is set in deep space, and it was directed by James Cameron. The plot follows a crew of marines that are sent to rescue group of colonists who have gone missing on a planet that is know to be inhabited by aliens that hunt and kill humans.

  10. "Predator" (1987). This movie follows a team of commandos, it also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. After being sent into a rainforest on a rescue mission, the soldiers find themselves on the run from an alien who came to earth in search of a worthy prey to hunt.


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