These movies about aliens for guys contain galactic monsters in all shapes and sizes. Some of the alien movies are pure science fiction, while other films contain action and horror. Many of the aliens are villains, but others prove to be the victims of humans. The titles below are great for a guys’ movie night.

  1. “Alien” This classic sci fi movie is full of thrills, scares, and gore, making it a great movie about aliens for guys. A team of explorers takes an unwelcome visitor onto their spaceship. Soon, people are dying one after another, and it becomes up to Sigourney Weaver’s character to take care of the alien monster. Make sure to check out the sequel, “Aliens,” once you’ve watched the original movie.

  2. “Predator” Arnold Schwarzenegger is at his toughest in this movie about aliens for guys. He plays a commando who embarks on a rescue mission in the forests of South America. Soon, however, he and the rest of his team discover that there is a predator in the forest hunting them. It turns out to be an alien with powers of invisibility and a wicked appetite for human death.

  3. “Star Wars” How could you not include this iconic sci fi film about aliens? “Star Wars” is a film series that many guys grew up watching and still cherish today despite the lackluster prequel trilogy that was later made. The movie is full of aliens in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. From the slimy Jabba the Hutt to teddy bear Ewoks, the movie creates a world full of surprising, strange creatures.

  4. “District 9” This sci fi thriller contains a unique extraterrestrial story. A group of crustacean-looking aliens live segregated from humans and are relegated to the slums of South Africa. One man, played by Sharito Copley, realizes their plight when he develops alien-like features after an accident. It’s up to him to save the “prawns” and his own life in this alien movie for guys. 

  5. “The Filth Element” In this Luc Besson movie, Bruce Willis plays a cab driver in the future, where cars fly through the air. One day, a beautiful young woman happens to crash in the air through his cab. The woman, played by Milla Jovovich, is the otherworldly fifth element, who can save the world from evil. It is up to Willis to protect her from a crazed villain played by Gary Oldman. The movie about aliens for guys features many strange characters, including a bright blue alien opera singer.

  6. “Species” The plot of the movie sounds like every guys’ dream: a beautiful woman approaches you wanting simply sex. Unfortunately, in “Species,” that woman is really a deadly alien attempting to mate with you and then kill you immediately afterwards. This alien movie for guys stars Forest Whitaker, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Madsen.

  7. “Independence Day” In this explosion-packed sci fi adventure movie, an alien ship settles over Washington D.C. Instead of coming in peace, however, the aliens attempt to obliterate mankind, waging war on the entire planet. Bill Pullman plays the president, who joins league with an army captain, played by Will Smith. Together, they kick some major extraterrestrial butt in this alien movie for guys.

  8. avatar This recently released movie from James Cameron presents a more peaceful type of aliens, the blue Na’vi of the planet Pandora. Sam Worthington plays a young quadriplegic soldier sent as an avatar to gain the Na’vi’s secrets. Instead, he falls for an alien leader, played by Zoe Saldana. This alien movie for guys contains awesome 3D effects and vivid landscapes as well as an action-packed finale.