It's not always the aliens that are meant to scare that get you, because sometimes it’s the movie UFOs that will scare you. It's rare to find a movie sporting UFOs that aren't anything more the giant shapes in the sky and let's face it, they usually aren’t that scary. It takes a special skill to create a believable and terrifying UFO. Here are a few that succeeded.

  1. "Independence Day" – The sheer size of the UFOs that attacked in this movie made them terrifying. They dwarfed the White House and showed up bigger then asteroids on the military’s radar system. Watching Will Smith go about his morning routine only to look up slowly and realize there is a giant UFO practically blocking out the sun was so terrifying because it seemed so real. These scary movie UFOs may lack originality but they make up for it in size and in the thousands of little alien ships it could launch.

  2. "Aliens" – No one can say that they didn’t see death and destruction coming the moment they saw that dark, somewhat fuzzy alien ship appear over the ridge in the second movie of the legendary series. This scary movie UFO had already crashed before the start of the movie and was only on screen for a mere few minutes but it was one of the most memorable moments of the film. Watching as the characters walked into a room full of alien eggs, knowing what was about to happen, made the experience all the more terrifying.

  3. "War of the Worlds" – The original and the remake both sported some of the most interesting and original alien ships seen in movies, a fitting tribute to the genius of H.G. Wells. They stand out among scary movie UFOs for their originality and even the remake wasn’t unspeakably terrible. Giant alien UFOs with long spindly legs and spider like bodies attacking are images nobody will forget anytime soon.

  4. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" – Stephen Spielberg’s more educated foray into extraterrestrials took it well out of the children’s movie category and proved beyond a doubt that he could make a good movie. What made this movie UFO scary was that it always seemed like you weren’t seeing the whole thing. There was something missing in the shadows and that made it all the more terrifying.

  5. "Predator 2" – Watching Danny Glover try to find his way though the Predator ship in the sequel was one of the best parts of the movie. The red tinted fog and epic design of the interior of the ship make it a rarity. This is one of the few movies that boasts more than a short peek inside the UFO and in this case ,it wasn’t the outside of the UFO that was scary, it was the inside.

  6. "The Thing From Another World" – It wasn’t seeing the UFO that made it scary in this movie. It was knowing it was there buried under the ice and huge, that made it terrifying. It was almost reminiscent of every shark movie ever made with the way a fin stuck through the ice where it had crashed. Watching as it took all those men to find the circumference of the ship and watching as it burned underneath the ice made it seem like some massive alien secret hidden underneath the earth. Conspiracy theory anyone?