The most famous alien movies of all time are fantastic tales of visitors from outer space. Some of these creatures come in peace, while others want nothing less than the destruction of humanity.

  1.  “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.” After being left behind by his mother ship, a little alien must adapt to life on Earth while trying to “phone home” for a rescue ship. Luckily for the space traveler, a boy named Elliot is around to protect him from less-than-friendly government agents. This memorable alien movie by Steven Spielberg won four Oscar in 1983.

  2. “Men in Black.” This alien movie, directed by Barry Sonnenfield, is a refreshing blend of action and comedy. Will Smith plays Agent J, a new addition to an undercover alien-watch organization. Tommy Lee Jones plays Agent K, a senior member responsible for training Agent J. Together, they must track an galactic terrorist and a foil a plot that could lead to Earth's destruction.

  3. “District 9.” The aliens aren’t always threatening the human race. As this alien movie shows, humans are perfectly capable of oppressing visitors from outer space, even when the aliens have advanced weaponry. In this movie, the aliens are shoved into a unpleasant landscape calle District 9. However, when a television reporter begins to transform into an alien, after a fiddling with their technology, he comes to empathize with the creatures.  The movie was nominated for four Oscars in 2010.

  4.  “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” “Close Encounters” tells the story of Roy Neary, a man who becomes obsessed with UFOs after a close encounter. When numerous UFOs begin to appear in the sky, he is not the only one who becomes a believer. This alien movie by Steven Spielberg won an Oscar for Best Cinematography and a Special Achievement Award for sound effects editing in 1978.

  5. “Signs.” This may seem like your average tale of space invaders; however, behind all of the alien hype, the human characters are struggling with emotional tests of faith and forgiveness. Mel Gibson plays Graham Hess, a former Reverend who lost all faith when his wife died in a car accident. He needs all the faith he can get once he discovers that the crop circles in his field are a form of alien communication. The message being conveyed? Something along the lines of, "Begin the invasion."