If you love great Sci-Fi movies then you'll definitely know each of "The Matrix" cast members. The storyline revolves around a young computer hacker who learns the world he lives in is nothing but an illusion. The real world lies behind the Matrix which is controlled by machines. Once his body is awaken it's discarded by the machines and a small team of rebels are there to collect him. They introduce him to the real world. "The Matrix" set new ground on slow-motion filmmaking. The film won four Oscars: three for sound and one for visual effects.

  1. "Neo" played by Keanu Reeves. Neo is the hacker who turns out to be the 'Messiah' who will awaken people from the Matrix. Kenau started his career playing in guest roles on television shows and made for television movies. It wasn't until he landed the lead role in the film "Speed" that he became a bonafide star. As a "Matrix" cast member that put him on the international star stratosphere map.

  2. "Morpheus" played by Laurence Fishburne. Morpheus is the leader of rebels who had been searching for "The One" who would lead the team to victory over the machines. Laurence has been acting since the 70s and has had a long career in movies, television and voice-overs. His role as a "Matrix" cast member made him internationally known. He replaced the lead actor in the hit television show "C.S.I." 

  3. "Trinity" played by Carrie-Anne Moss. Trinity is a central character of the rebels as one of the most prolific operators of vehicles inside the "Matrix." The character also excels in martial arts.  Carrie-Anne has appeared in numerous television series and in voice-over parts, but it wasn't until she joined the "Matrix" cast that she hit stardom.

  4. "Cypher" played by Joe Pantoliano. Cypher betrayed the rebel by making a deal with the machines to go back to the illusionary world. Joe is no stranger to acting. He's been in many television series and movies since the early 70s.

  5. "Tank" played by Marcus Chong. Tank is the rebel operator who loads programs for the rebels to learn whatever skills they need to defeat the machines. Marcus has been acting since the 70s in film and television. Being part of "The Matrix" cast however is his biggest break to date.

  6. "Dozer" played by Anthony Ray Parker. Dozer is one of the few people born outside the Matrix in the real world. Anthony has many credits in television movies and short films. His role as a "Matrix" cast member is his biggest Hollywood break ever.

  7. "Apoc" played by Julian Arachanga. Apoc was betrayed and killed by Cypher. Julian has a short career as an actress. She is comfortable both in front and behind the camera playing. She's worked as second unit director, gaffer, singer and even caterer.

  8. "Switch" played by Belinda McClory. Switch was another female character that was betrayed by Cypher. Belinda has had multiple roles in television series but her part as a "Matrix" cast member is her biggest acting role so far.

  9. "Mouse" played by Matt Doran. Mouse was the most naive of the rebel crew. Matt's best role to date was his stint on the hit television show "Home and Away."

  10. "Agent Smith" played by Hugo Weaving. Smith is the leader of the agents sent out by the machines to find Neo. Hugo started out in television but has now become a bonafide movie star. His role as a "Matrix" cast member opened the doors for him to star in "Lord of the Rings" franchise. He also starred as "V" in the big blockbuster "V for Vendetta."