Narrowing the best “Lord of the Rings” characters to five is no easy task. The “Lord of the Rings” is a classic and widely celebrated story created by the very talented writer J.R.R. Tolkien. The character development in the story is very well done and each character brings his own unique personality to the forefront. While all the characters are easy to relate to the five best are:

Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins is the key character in the “Lord of the Rings.” He is the story’s hero and is best characterized as a hobbit that prefers to act alone. Frodo is a strong character and possesses the powerful ring longer than anyone else. He is the one who bears the most weight in the journey to destroy the ring and comes out a new person after his journey.


Aragorn belongs to the race of man and is a beloved character. He is heir to the throne of men but never boasts of his noble origins. He is very strong willed, a brave warrior, and wise beyond his years. He has all the characteristics needed to be a great king and is among the first to offer his skills as member of the fellowship of the ring.


Gandalf is another complex character in the “Lord of the Rings.” Gandalf is an immortal being, a wizard to be more specific. Gandalf dwells in many different areas of Middle Earth and is known be several different names. He is powerful and wise but his abilities are not unlimited, a fact not lost upon him. Like Aragorn, he is quick to aid Frodo and become a member of the fellowship of the ring.


You can’t leave an elf off the list of best “Lord of the Rings” characters. Perhaps the most recognizable elf is Legolas. Legolas is an elf of Sindar and like all other elves, he is immortal. Legolas is known for his skills as an archer and is a brave warrior. He has more trust in men than other elves and is a true friend to Aragorn, joining him in the fellowship of the ring.


Saruman is the other wizard to make the list of the best “Lord of the Rings” characters. Unlike Gandolf, Saruman holds a competitive and jealous spirit. His weakness allows him to be controlled by the Dark Tower. He, like many, hope to gain possession of the ring and inherit its powers, making him a dangerous adversary to the members of the fellowship of the ring.

- Corey Vassey