There is no exact formula to determine the greatest science fiction movies. Some of the greatest movies in the genre are the most ridiculous. Others seem to really predict the future in the most eerie ways. Many science fiction movies are great because they have unique and captivating plots and interesting characters. The following science fiction movies are great for a variety of reasons. 

  1. "Dr. Cyclops". Albert Dekker plays a mad scientist type doctor who engages in weird, senseless and destructive experiments in the jungles of South America. The doctor invites people from America to visit and observe his research. Then he shrinks them after they express outrage in this great 1940 science fiction movie. It turns out that the doctor only invited these scientists to make the trek so that they could confirm a specimen that he was looking at with a microscope. 

  2. "The Last War". "The Last War" offers futuristic speculation on the Cold War between the United States in Russia from a Japanese perspective. This science fiction classic renamed the two countries, apparently to protect the innocent. Join "The Federation" and "The Alliance" in the final days before they destroy each other with nukes. The 1961 Japanese film follows World War II by less than two decades and ends with a warning never to let nuclear war happen again. It was directed by Shue Matsubayashi. 

  3. "The Incredible Melting Man". An astronaut flies to Saturn on a space mission during which radiation melts his body. The only way to survive upon his return to Earth is to eat human flesh. The great 1977 science fiction film starring Alex Rebar is perfect for a cuddly movie night. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" featured this movie and thoroughly made fun of it, so it must be good. 

  4. "The Black Hole". Remember Judd Nelson, the 30 year ol high school student from "The Breakfast Club"? Judd also appeared in this 1979 science fiction classic about a black hole that threatened to swallow up St. Louis, Missouri. You eventually learn that the black hole is actually a portal for a killer space alien who terrorizes earthlings. 

  5. "Space Cowboys". Four rejected would be astronauts finally get their wish to fly into outer space when a Russian satellite begins falling to the Earth. They all become nobodies instead of history makers. Later, this crew of former 1950s air force pilots go on a mission to repair the satellite's computer system. Clint Eastwood both directed and starred in one of the greatest science fiction movies of 2000 and possibly all time.