Usually, when alien movies are mentioned, everyone always thinks of the horror movies, which is sad because there are a ton of good alien movies to watch on a date. While there is a certain appear to a young man to watching a horror movie with aliens (lots of jumping in to the arms of their date, increased hormones, etc), there are other ways to bind with your date that can be fun and entertaining. Here are just a few to consider the next time you’re flipping through the channels.

  1. “Megamind”. The reason this is a great alien movie to watch on a date is the silliness of it all. Also, if your date is a comic book geek, she or he might get all of the references to some of the most popular legends in the comic book superhero world like Superman, Spider-Man, and Green Lantern. The movie tells the story of a supervillain who finally manages to defeat his nemesis (by accidentally killing him) only to find he now has no purpose in life.

  2. “Earth Girls Are Easy”. This 80’s valley-girl inspired romantic comedy is another good alien movie to watch on a date. If not for the tribute to some of the more cringe-inducing elements of the 80’s, there is the surprisingly all-star cast which include Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Jeff Goldblum (who all play aliens) and Geena Davis (who later went on to marry Goldblum in real life).

  3. “Starman”. Years before Jeff Bridges would win the Oscar for his role in “Crazy Heart”, Bridges wowed his female fans in the good alien movie to watch on a date playing an alien who crashes to Earth and takes the form of a woman’s recently deceased husband, much to her dismay. He convinces her to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona where he can try to get a rescue ship to take him away before U.S. government agents capture him.

  4. “Superman II”. Who can forget this film when it comes to good alien movies to watch on a date? Superman is the ultimate alien and without a doubt the most popular and recognizable superhero on the planet. In this movie, Clark Kent agrees to lose his powers in order to marry the woman he loves and live a human life, only to discover the world needs him now more than ever.

  5. “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”. Winner of four Oscars, this good alien movie to watch on a date captured the hearts of audiences worldwide when it opened in 1982. Telling the story of an alien trying to get home after he gets separated from his companions, the alien winds up bonding with a young boy who befriends him and protects him when military scientists come to take the alien away for study.

  6. “District 9”. It’s without a doubt one of the most interesting takes on alien life on Earth made in the last few years, which makes it a good alien movie to watch on a date. The story, which is a kind of allegory of life under apartheid in South Africa, shows how humans might react if peaceful aliens arrive on this planet with no way to leave. They are rounded up and placed in camps and supervised by somewhat racist bureaucrats until one of them has an experience that changes his life forever.

-Mark Dodson