There is no shortage of evil aliens in movies. While we wish that beings from another planet would be of a higher intelligence and thus ambivalent towards us, must of the time our first encounter ends with stuff blowing up-lots of stuff. For the brave souls that come face to face with these malevolent monsters, we commend you.

  1. “Alien” Perhaps the most evil alien of them all, the Xenomorph featured in “Alien” and its subsequent sequels is the perfect killing machine. It lays eggs that hatch into face-hugging parasites, its larva bursts out of its hosts stomachs, and the fully grown monster is quick, agile and bleeds acid. It seems to want nothing more but to kill any living thing it comes into contact with.

  2. “The Thing” The evil alien featured in the “The Thing” preys on our fear of the unknown. When researchers come into contact with a life form from another planet at a remote Antarctic research outpost, they quickly turn against each other as the shape shifting “Thing” could be any one of them. The evil alien takes the form of a host, killing it and surviving at any cost.

  3. “Predator” The extraterrestrials from "Predator" are skilled hunters that will stop at nothing to quarry and kill their prey. The only problem is, we are their prey. Using invisibility cloaks, laser canons and even a wrist mounted nuclear bomb, this evil alien has all the tools necessary for a solo manhunt. Luckily, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger on our side.

  4. “Independence Day” When the aliens from “Independence Day” first arrive, they want nothing but kill every human being on earth and rape the planet of all of its resources. Oh, and they have giant ships that can blow up entire cities. Like an army of ants, they are highly organized and regimented with the soul purpose of the ensuring the destruction of earth.

  5. “War of the Worlds” The tripod-faring evil aliens in “War of the Worlds” have been watching us and waiting for the perfect time to attack. Using three-legged machines hidden underground and, these aliens vaporize every human in their path.  The humans that aren’t killed are captured and used for fertilizer to grow an alien plant over our planet.

  6. “Mars Attacks” Ostensibly arriving to form a friendship with humans, the Martians in “Mars Attacks” quickly fulfill the title of the film. Using lasers that burn the flesh off of humans, leaving nothing but a colored skeleton, these evil aliens attempt to eradicate all life on earth for no apparent reason.

  7. “Transformers” While not typical looking aliens, the shape-shifting aliens from “Transformers” come from the doomed planet Cybertron. Split into two groups, these aliens bring their age old war to earth with the Autobots dedicated to protecting humanity while the evil Decepticons will stop at nothing short of total universal domination.

  8. “Men in Black” While “Men in Black” is populated by thousands of aliens from different planets, ranging from benevolent to quirky to merciless, none is more evil than Edgar. The cockroach-like alien is in the process of stealing a miniature galaxy, or paramount importance to another alien race, and brings earth into the middle of an intergalactic struggle. Edgar feeds off of humans, skinning them from inside out and using their skin as a disguise.

  9. “Starship Troopers” As humanity has become and intergalactic civilization, we come into contact with the planet of Klendathu, populated by an arachnid species of alien. As the humans invade their territory, they wage war with their seemingly infinite army of spider-like creatures. Controlled by a central “brain bug”, they are much more intelligent then they look and prove a formidable enemy.

  10. “Skyline” On an idyllic Los Angeles afternoon, the squid-like aliens from “Skyline” invade our planet. Using their ships and huge tractor beams, they stun and suck up any human that gets caught in their gaze. The aliens then enact their sinister plan of extracting human brains and inserting them into alien husk bodies, creating a hybrid of sorts.