Classic Sci Fi Movies

Monday, April 11 by Shawn Lealos

Classic sci-fi movies remain some of the smartest, creative movies of any genre. Whether the movies deal with space travel, alternate dimensions or alien attacks, these movies deal with science fiction in ways that both enthrall the hard core fans and entertain the mainstream movie going crowds.

  1. “Star Wars” George Lucas made his name with this movie and has lived off the value of this classic sci-fi movie ever since. The movie is a hero’s journey, as a young farm boy travels to a land far away to battle to help save the universe from evil. The movie has spawned five sequels as well as numerous spinoffs.
  2. “Aliens” The original movie in this franchise was a horror movie, a haunted house story in space. The second movie brought in James Cameron as the director and he changed things up, making it a sci-fi movie with the military coming in to help battle the aliens.
  3. “The Thing from Another World” John Carpenter remade this classic sci-fi movie in the 80s, but the original remains a favorite in the genre. A scientific outpost in the Antarctic is under siege by an alien monster and there is no escape and no one who can get to them to offer assistance.
  4. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” While the original movie was a true sci-fi classic, the remake in 1978 remains the better movie. Donald Sutherland stars as a man who tries to help a young woman prove that aliens are taking over the body’s of their loved ones. The end, with Sutherland’s piercing scream, is a perfect conclusion.
  5. “Star Trek” Most people prefer the second movie in the franchise, but the first movie remains an intelligent, thoughtful classic sci-fi movie. The film is not about fighting aliens or having giant space battles, but instead is a question of the meaning of life. This is the one “Star Trek” adventure that is pure science fiction.
  6. “War of the Worlds” Steven Spielberg remade this 1953 movie about an alien invasion of Earth. The film retells the H.G. Wells story about a Martian attack on Earth. The movie is one of the earliest sci-fi alien movies and shows a society ill equipped to deal with such an attack.
  7. “Terminator” James Cameron’s first movie in this franchise sends Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator back in time to kill the woman who would give birth to the leader of the future resistance. The movie is a violent, classic sci-fi horror movie and set the table for the more elaborate sequels that would come.
  8. “Brazil” Terry Gilliam directs this dark, futuristic classic sci-fi movie set in a dystopian future. A man works as a government employee whose life grows out of control when he allows an unauthorized man to fix his air conditioning. Soon, his entire life spirals out of control.   
  9. “E.T.” This Steven Spielberg movie is one of his sweetest family adventures. A young boy finds a strange little alien and takes it in, protecting it from the government officials who want to capture it. Meanwhile, E.T. just wants to return home. Drew Barrymore co-stars in one of her earliest film roles.
  10. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” This seems like the movie that “The X-Files” was patterned after. Roy Neary is a family man who ends up in a close encounter with a UFO and then becomes obsessed with the phenomenon. The end, when he chooses to leave his family to travel with the aliens, is heartbreaking.
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