Classic alien movies can be cheesy and really fun. Whether they were made more recently or ages ago, alien movies are thrilling any time they are released. Looking back, these movies have become classics, terrifying or not.

  1. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" During the 1950's, America was going through plenty in terms of politics (with McCarthyism) and paranoia (with communists) and they quickly developed a strong appetite for alien movies. Most movies were thrown to the wayside and became cheesy B-movies. However, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is still revered as one of the most classic alien movies of this generation. When a doctor is sent to a small town to investigate the strange happenings that has been going on, he is, at first, a skeptic. However, he quickly learns his friends and neighbors are being taken over by aliens and are turning into mindless drones. Some argue that this film was commentary on what was happening with McCarthyism as well as the Communist Revolution.

  2. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Made in 1977, this film tells the story of a father who can't get one thing out of his mind. He is sent out to investigate a power outage and is bathed in light from above him. There are five notes that play from the light and he spends the majority of the film franticly trying to discover what he experienced. Little does he know his run-in with the light is nothing short of an alien encounter.

  3. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" This classic alien movie takes place during the end of World War II. When an alien and his robot land on Earth, they try to communicate their message to all heads of state. However, difficulty ensues and threats begin to arise. The aliens send a message of peace, but will Earth ever know? This film took place during the Cold War where communication was detrimental in keeping peace.

  4. "The War of the Worlds" Again, the 1950's were filled with paranoia. This film was released during the Cold War. Its been said that you can replace the invading aliens in this movie with Russians in order to better understan the American state of mind in 1953. This film is epic in scale and showcases the world coming together in order to fight off some not-too-friendly space invaders.

  5. "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" Most alien films were told from the perspective of an adult. However, this film's protagonist is a little boy named Elliot. He discovers an alien and names him E.T. They quickly become friends after bits of broken communication and learn to understand one another. Elliot learns E.T.'s need to go home and decides to try and help him. However, the main challenge is keeping E.T. hidden from the rest of the world, which makes for some enduring comical moments.