These British science fiction movies are some of the top movies in their genre. There are many different sub-genres of science fiction, which brings a lot of variety to these movies. Prepare for a movie marathon that is out of this world with these British science fiction movies.

  1. “Nineteen Eighty-Four” This science fiction masterpiece is based off George Orwell’s novel of the same name. The movie is set in an oppressive future where one man rebels against the system by falling in love. The movie stars John Hurt, Richard Burton and Suzanna Hamilton.

  2. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Earthling Arthur Dent is saved by his alien friend Ford Prefect moments before an alien construction crew demolishes Earth in order to build a space highway. The movie is full of British humor and is based on the book by Douglas Adams. The movie stars Martin Freeman, Mos Def and Sam Rockwell.

  3. “28 Days Later” This is one of the best British zombie science fiction movies. The story is about a group of survivors after an incurable virus sweeps the UK. The movie stars Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris and Christopher Eccleston.

  4. “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” This British science fiction movie as elements of steampunk. The movie is set in an alternate Victorian Age where a team of heroes is formed to save the world. The movie stars Sean Connery, Stuart Townsend and Peta Wilson.

  5. “Doomsday” This British science fiction movie is action packed. In the movie a virus has swept the UK and a team must travel into a quarantined area to try and save the human race. 

  6. “Split Second” This British science fiction movie is set in a futuristic London where the sea levels are rising and areas are under water. The movie is about a cop who is being tracked by the same strange creature that killed his partner. The movie stars Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall and Alastair Duncan.

  7. “Devil Girl from Mars” In this classic British science fiction movie a leather-clad Martian female comes to Earth to collect men for breeding stock. The movie stars Patricia Laffan, Hugh McDermott and Hazel Court.

  8. “Sunshine” In this British science fiction movie, a team of scientist my re-ignite our dying sun. The movie stars Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne and Chris Evans.

  9. “Code 46” This British science fiction movie is set in a futuristic world where travel between cities is heavily controlled. The movie centers on a government agent who has an affair with a woman that is forging passes needed to travel between cities. The movie stars Tim Robbins, Samantha Morton and Om Puri.

  10.  “The Creeping Flesh” This British science fiction movie is set in the Victorian age. A scientist returns home from Papua New Guinea with a discovery and then something startling happens when the bones he found is exposed to water. The movie stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Lorna Heilbron.