If you're looking to find some of the best time travel movies that are currently out there, then these six selections should get you off to a great start. Time travel has always been a popular subject to explore in science fiction cinema. Each movie has almost a different method of time travel that ranges from converted vehicles and spaceships, transparent spheres, to even the human mind itself. So grab a drink and a bag of popcorn, buckle up in your seat, and prepare yourself for a fun and bumpy ride across time.

  1. "Twelve Monkeys." Bruce Willis stars in this top-notch sci-fi drama where "Die Hard" meets time travel. In the near future, a virus wipes out 99.9% of the human race and the survivors are forced to live underground. Willis plays a convict who participates in a time travel experiment to clear his record, he must travel back in time to stop the virus. 

  2. "The Butterfly Effect." It is in this sci-fi thriller that we fully witness the tragic consequences of time travel and what paradoxes are fully capable of doing. Ashton Kutcher uses his blackout defect in his mind to travel through time and fix the past, but each event he corrects only creates more problems for himself.

  3. The "Back to the Future" Trilogy. Who doesn't love this classic time travel trilogy from the 80's? The series follows the adventures of teenager Marty McFly and his older friend Doc Brown as they travel across time in a DeLorean, but their adventures cause more trouble than they can handle.

  4. "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Numbskull teenagers Bill and Ted are flunking in school and they have to catch up with an important history presentation, what could possibly save them? A phone booth that travels across time! Join Bill and Ted in their adventures across time as they collect one historical figure after another for their presentation.

  5. The "Terminator" Series. This dark sci-fi action series has presented some of the best time travel movies ever made. The series revolves around an impeding nuclear apocalypse brought on by self-aware machines and computers and their attempts to exterminate the leader of a human resistance by traveling back in time to kill him. Spanning four films and only two good ones, the "Terminator" series still gives us a fun take on time travel.

  6. "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." In a story completely out of left field, the "Star Trek" series tries something different with the use of time travel. Captain Kirk and his crew travel back to 1980's California to bring back two humpback whales in order to save mankind from a destructive alien race. Packed with plenty of wit, humor, and charm, "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" is among one of the fun time travel movies out there.