The best sci-fi movie posters are integral parts of the films they promote. The sci-fi genre is known for stoking dreams and capturing the imagination. The movies’ posters have to be innovative and artistic enough to provoke an emotional reaction as well.

  1. “Tron” When this sci-fi movie was released back in 1982, its futuristic visuals and slick computer technology struck a nerve with millions around the globe. The movie’s poster is equally captivating, featuring the neon-highlighted silhouettes of a man and woman over a dark background.

  2. “Ghostbusters”Paranormal activity has never been cooler than in this 1984 sci-fi movie. Starring Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, it’s the story of a group of scientists who dispense of ghosts for a living. Their simple yet effective business logo also appears on the movie’s poster. It’s a surprised-looking ghost inside a red circle with a line drawn through.

  3. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” Perhaps the most recognizable of the best sci-fi movie posters, this 1977 film’s story of interstellar war resonated with children and adults alike. The poster features iconic villain Darth Vader looming in the background, with most of the main cast striking epic poses in front.

  4. “Alien” This 1979 sci-fi movie solidified Sigourney Weaver as a legitimate action star. The film’s plot revolves around a terrifying alien, and the movie’s poster plays on the intense fear generated in the film. It features an egg spilling greenish-yellow light from a large crack running across it.

  5. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” Perennial badass Arnold Schwarzenegger has never topped his performance in this 1991 sci-fi movie. As a stiff and calculating robot from the future, he was the perfect actor for the part. The movie poster sums up his onscreen personality. A sunglasses-clad Arnold sits atop a motorcycle, one hand on the throttle and the other holding a shotgun.

  6. “Dune” Based on the novel of the same name, this 1984 sci-fi movie was intense and unrelenting in its portrayal of feuding planetary forces. Its movie poster took a more subtle approach. It contained an expanse of sand dunes beneath a colorful sky that held two nearby planets.

  7. “Men In Black” If anyone can make battling aliens look cool, it’s Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Their suave and debonair personas are on full display in this 1997 sci-fi movie poster. Sharply dressed in suits and shades, Jones and Smith stand with arms crossed before a star-speckled background.

  8. “Avatar” The most commercially successful entry on the list of the best sci-fi movie posters, this 2009 film was an instant hit due to its cutting-edge effects. The movie poster is equally stunning, featuring a gorgeous landscape and facial imagery from the film’s race of heroes, the Na’vi.

  9. “2012” Sci-fi collided with disaster in this 2009 movie about the chaotic end of the world. The visuals in this film are epic, frightening and somehow believable. The movie’s poster is no different. It contains a man standing atop a mountain, watching in disbelief as ocean waters rise above the peaks around him.

  10. “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” In 1979, Trekkies across the globe got their wish when Gene Roddenberry brought his TV franchise to the big screen. Adding to this sci-fi movie’s aura is a poster that embodies the decade’s vision of the future. A trio of the main characters hover above the starship Enterprise, all enveloped in colorful and out-of-focus light.