When you want to forget about the world and escape into a fantasy realm filled with swords, sorcery, demons and dragons, check out one of the best fantasy movies for guys. While there are a large number of fantasy movies out there, spurred on by some real growth in recent years, most guys aren't looking to escape by watching "Enchanted" or "The Chronicles of Narnia." This list focuses on just fantasy movies that guys will love, filled with all the things us guys dig in movies.

  1. "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." This film takes the top spot due to the epic battle at Helm's Deep, that takes up almost half of the film. This is the middle episode of the trilogy, where the companions face numerous setbacks to the Sauron, but still manage to win in the end.

  2. "Pan's Labyrinth." While you wouldn't expect a film about a little girl to show up so high on a list of fantasy movies for guys, this is one truly epic film. Ofelia is living through the Spanish Civil War, and escapes to a magical land where she is made to believe she is the land's long lost Princess. Both touching and horrifying, this film will simply knock your socks off.

  3. "Conan the Barbarian." Filled with action and large personalities, "Conan the Barbarian" is certainly one of the best fantasy movies for guys. The movie follows Conan as he seeks out the man who murdered his people. The movie is based loosely on the books and features James Earl Jones as one of the greatest villains in movie history.

  4. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Not every great film is made in America, as this is one of the biggest examples of that. This movie follows an old warrior, Li Mu Bai, as he gets pulled back into his old life by some nefarious plots. The film is heavily rooted in fantasy and has some of the greatest battle scenes you will ever see.

  5. "Willow." "Willow" is a fair example of a classic fantasy film. The movie follows an unlikely hero and a sword-swinging madman as they fight for good. Val Kilmer absolutely eats up the scenery here, a few years before he started eating up everything in sight.

  6. "Legend." Sure, you have to sit through Tom Cruise doing just about everything wrong in this fantasy flick, but Tim Curry's performance and Mia Sara's is enough to make this one memorable movie. The movie is a classic fairy tale, where the hero has to defeat the Lord of Darkness to save the land.

  7. "Excalibur." This retelling of the Arthurian myth is just the type of fantasy movie that guys will love. The movie feature fighting, betrayal, jealousy, lust and some of the greatest battle scenes on film.

  8. "The Princess Bride." Sure, the movie is about love, but there is so much here for guys to enjoy. You get wonderful mind games, some absolute hilarity, tons of swordfights and even a trip through the Fire Swamp.

  9. "Highlander." This is the plot of this movie: A small group of people are actually immortal, and cannot die unless they lose their head, so they go through the ages having sword duels and stealing each others power. Yeah. That's right. There is no way this can't be one of the best fantasy movies for guys. On top of an amazing plot, the acting and action are worth watching.

  10. "Van Helsing." The plot here may be a little thin, but almost non-stop action and Kate Beckinsale in all sorts of tight clothing make this one film you have to see.

-Shawn Drew